Preorder Cars

What’s the difference between a Preorder car and its standard variant? Because they look identical.

The cars appear to be the same except for a couple of things:

  1. The Challenger PO (Pre-Order) has no ‘Bodykit Presets’ options available like the regular version has, but it still has a widebody kit available.
  2. The PO cars get something like a 3 PI advantage by giving them things like suspension, anti-roll bars etc. for no addition of PI, which open them up to be tuned more broadly compared to their regular counterpart. I can’t say for sure for all of the PO cars though, as so far I’ve only gotten around to just a couple of them.

The PI advantage can end up being very useful. For example the 488 GTB starts stock at S1 900, but so does the PO version. Like I mentioned above, the 488 PO from stock has all those things like race springs etc. which lets it be tuned and optimised in it’s stock form for S1 much better than the regular version, which can only do a handful of that.

Not much other than the preorder tag
And maxed to their class
And you can only own them if you put in the code for each one