preorder bonus digital only?

“FM7 Pre-Order Bonus Content Pack
The Pre-Order Announcement indicates that Pre-Order Bonus content for FM7 (and FH3) is included with Deluxe and Ultimate Editions (digital only) but as of June 12th only states “Look for more details on these offers soon!””

so if i get the disc of ultimate i do not get the preorder content pack? why not?

Going by recent history, Ultimate and Deluxe editions probably won’t be available on a disc - they will be digital only. I’ll be surprised if there isn’t a range of basic one-car pre-order bonuses, one of which will apply to the digital editions, but I would expect the Ultimate and Deluxe editions to come with a car pack of some sort. (This is all just speculation on my part).

Ultimate is available on disc.

I purchased the Ultimate on disc for FH3 and received all of the preorder bonuses. They just emailed the codes to enter and everything was there.

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Amazon has the Ultimate edition for pre-order, just like they did for FM6, and if you’re a Prime Member, you get $20 off - that’s 79.99 for ultimate FM7! Why do you not have Amazon Prime?

where did you get 20$? you get 2$ and not 20!

Where in the world are you getting 2? The game is 79.99 for the physical…

Ultimate can be purchased on disc or digital. Deluxe is digital only. You can buy either version of Ultimate on Amazon.



Digital only means digital only. You wont get those two packs one for FM& and the other is a existing car pack from FH3 if going by past Forza games that did this.

Once again: would be nice to know what’s actually IN these things. Sheesh.

With the physical copy of the game you also don’t get the ability to play the game on console and on PC (Windows 10). Digital copy will allow you to do that (you might not need that now, but in the future you can always play the game that is tied to your account on PC, while on some new iteration of Xbox console you might not have the ability for backward compatibility).

So you’re thinking if I go physical copy, I won’t be able to just DL the 4K elements if I buy an Xbox One X? Hmmm…

Yeah, me too. I hope the same thing happens this time 'round; don’t mind not being able to play early.

No, I was thinking a bit more further ahead (the time, when Xbox One X is considered previous generation, like 360 is currently).

Interesting - the Ultimate Edition is only available as a download code on Amazon UK. Is this a US/UK thing, or are Amazon just behind the curve?

The game should ship with the 4K textures but they will only be applied to the Xbox One X version. The HD textures would be used for the other Xbox consoles.


link? i only can find the one or 99:

Buy digital : $ 99 99
Buy new : $ 99 99

You need to have Prime to see the discount. Prime subscribers get 20% off physical games. Hence why it is $20 off since the game is $100.

i’m a prime member…in germany…there is no such a bonus instead of the 2$ which is ridiculous. even the deluxe version does cost 89,99 for us

Am sure people will be selling the codes for the digital only thing it’s a bit STUPID giving the bonus to digital only we all pay the same money for the game we should all get the same bonus content like

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