Premium Edition Missing Add-ons

Bought & installed the Premium Edition on Xbox Series S via console.

I’m a Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber also.

Base Game
Expansion Pack 1
Expansion Pack 2

Not Installed:
Welcome Pass
Car Pass
VIP Membership

Is this intentional?
Will it update when it’s playable on the 5th?
Perhaps they are hard-coded into the downloaded base-game?

Anyone have any details on this?



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Yeah they say it will appear in the launch day. Been there since pre order it a couple months ago

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The weird thing about this is I have the game pass version pre installed and the premium add on bundle on Xbox (One S not next gen) and a Win 10 gaming PC. On the PC ALL premium add ons show as owned although only expansion pack 1 and 2 show installed the same as Xbox, but on xbox although pack 1 and 2 show installed, the rest of the content doesn’t even show as owned.
This was a problem I had with Forza Horizon 3 and 4 where if I purchased content through the Win 10 store it wouldn’t show up on Xbox unless I reinstalled.

I’m hoping that everything WILL be fine in time for launch day so I can just carry on my game no matter what I play on.

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thanks fabiodaniel11, appreciate the reply.


Yeah, on PC, if I go into MS Store > Downlaods/Updates > All Owned

It shows all the placeholders with Install / Manage / Hide options, yet on the console it’s only got the basegame (3.405.2.0) & two expansion placeholders.

Probably fretting over nothing, but an official word would be nice - or better still, just resolve it with the 4 best words in Forza.

The road is open!

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i am getting same thing . hope its not an issue on the 5th to play early.

same for series x here

Glad I wasnt the only one questioning this, had me worried as a friend was saying he had the other addons installed and he got the premium bundle and I bought the premium edition (game and all) and I can still only see the expansions available to install

Yeah I’m having this issue.
I’m on series X, and I’ve bought the Premium edition a few months ago (game and all)
Some of you say that it shows as “you own this” on all the add ons. However that’s not the case for me.
Right now I’ve got this…

  • Base Game
  • Expansion 1
  • Expansion 2
  • Welcome Pack
  • VIP Membership
    Not Owned (apparently not bought):
  • Treasure Map
  • Expansions Bundle (even tho I have both installed)
    Now I can’t download the welcome pack or VIP, even tho I own it, and the map I apparently didn’t pay for (which I did).
    I just want to make sure I’m not the only one like this, so can anyone tell me if they are similar or the same?
    And forza, plz adress this

The Treasure map is not included in the Premium Edition, and the Expansion Bundle is seperate, you don’t own it.


Is there any insight into this? It seems to only be affecting consoles.

I also have both PC and console and have the same problem. PC shows all content, Xbox only shows the expansions.

Are we good to go on the 5th for consoles?

Things like this usually sort themselves out when it launches.

Expansion 1 and 2 is just placeholders and installing them will do nothing, inters of axes to the expansions now. Du to they are not out yet.

If you dont have it when you get full axes to the game, contact support.

Got the same problem, bought the Premium Addon Bundle on Xbox Series X and also bought the treasure map, only the base game and expansion 1 and 2 got installed. Sure hope this is getting fixed unless they only count as a sort of online license this time.

Most of people are saying that the rest will appear in the launch day.
For are the reports this is happening in the consoles, most the reports are saying that in PC the people could install all the packs.

I checked in my Store history on PC and it is only giving the option to install the base game and 2 expansions…the other DLC stuff doesn’t have an install button

Edit: Currently downloading it just to test (lucky I have Unlimited Broadband lol) and the download queue is also only listing the base game and 2 expansions. I wonder whether those who say it’s installed everything are maybe on Steam, given how things seem to work differently on that plaftorm?

I’m playing in Xbox and here I only could install game + 2 expansions

Hi all, I have the same. I have the base game from game pass and have bought the premium add on pack. My series X shows the base game and the 2 expansions yet my pc shows the base game the expansions and the other DLC. I would imagine this will sort its self out on Friday. While I’m here what’s the size of the game file on your consoles and pc? I have 103gb on both

I checked on my PC last night. Only the 2 expansions need to be installed, the remaining content is tied to your account and does not need to be installed.

Exactly what I was thinking, hopefully that is indeed the case

It’s been launch now and I still cant access any of my add-ons is anyone going to fix this?

This site has a good explanation of everything along with pictures that comes with the Premium edition. These are baked into the game, so you won’t see separate content DLC in the “manage my games” in your library. Make sure you are completing the beginning parts of the game.

As an example:

Welcome Pack includes 5 Cars, 1 House, 1 Car Voucher, and 3 Clothing Vouchers.

Welcome Pack: 5 Cars
5 Cars will be added to your garage after 3 Events (Opening Race + Showcase Even + Into the Storm/ The Vocho). These events act as a tutorial for the game. After the three events are over, 5 cars will be added to your garage as shown below. The cars that you get are Apollo Intensa Emozione, Ford Bronco R, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR, Porsche Taycan Turbo S, and Toyota Supra RZ.

Car Pass: 42 Cars
From the Car Pass, you will get a total of 42 cars: Drift Car Pack (8 Cars) and 1 car per week for 34 weeks.

Drift Car Pack: 8 Cars
To get the 8 Drift Cars, go to the car pass through festival Menu/ House Menu and download the cars. If you are in free roam, just open the menu and select ‘Buy New and Used Cars’ and you will be automatically directed to the festival menu. Inside the Car Pass menu, download the 8 Drift Car

VIP Membership
From the VIP Membership, you will get 3 Cars, 1 House, and Weekly Super Wheelspin. It will double the race credit reward and you will also receive Crown Flair, Vanity Items, Emote, and Car Horn.

  • Believe VIP is currently not issuing double race credits, so that’s an issue