Premium bundle bought but still "too early" to play

It’s happening to me, too, and I preordered the game not long after E3. I’m wracking my brain trying to figure this out and it’s driving me mad!

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Having this issue also one Xbox one purchased the premium add on bundle it now over an hour after it’s supposed to be released and still says I’m too early driving me mad lol

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Pre installed from game pass ultimate and purchased the ultimate add on bundle 2 weeks ago - says in to early to play? Anyone else had this and managed to get on?


I have the same problem I played this night when the game launched in my country (Italy), played for 30 min then it gave me an error, so I tried again this morning and it says it’s too early. I’ve checked on the store and it says that I didn’t buy the Premium Add-On, which I bought weeks ago aswell. Plus I checked in my purchases history and on Premium Add-On it says “status: not successful” (don’t know the correct translation from italian) but something like that. I don’t really wanna pay again since I didn’t even get my money back.

I have the same problem, I played this night on launch for 30 mins, then an error occurred and I went to sleep, this morning I tried to play and it says was too soon but I bought the premium add-ons weeks ago. So I checked the purchases history and it says “status: not successful” kinda like it blocks me from paying it but I paid already and I didn’t even have my money back.

Also having this issue one Xbox

Hey everyone, I have downloaded Forza Horizon 5 with the Game Pass (10/5), and bought the Premium bundle (2 days ago), the early acces is available worldwide but it keeps telling me " too early to play "
I saw some people with the same problem, so I tried to contact Forza support on Twitter but no response, and Microsoft support is not available.
Is anyone have a solution please ? Thank you


Im having the Same issue…got in contact with forza customer support and wss told they cant help me because its not a ingame issue and to contact xbox customer support. And i cant do that because there closed at the moment.

I wanted to buy that premium dlc really just so I could play early. I feel silly buying the game since I have game pass. Any chance to get an answer on if this is getting fixed?

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Same issue here, told by Microsoft support that I have to contact the developer… Can’t see how it’s the developers issue when it’s on the Microsoft store, a Microsoft operating system, and purchased directly through Microsoft… Pretty ridiculous the fact Forza haven’t even acknowledged this issue

It seems a large number of people are having the same issue as well, when looking on Twitter.

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Same issue, we need a status update on this ASAP

Yep me too guys, same problem … A bit frustrating as I paid for Early Access.

Is anyone with this issue game sharing ?

I am. One of us owns Game Pass, the other owns the Premium addon. It doesnt launch for either one of us. I can only get it to launch if I login to both accounts at once which isn’t helpful since we both want to play.

I had to get the premium addon DLC refunded, then I bought game pass on the account what didn’t have it (the other account I share with did), then I bought the premium addon again at the discounted price for game pass owners, and then it worked for me.

i was worried this would happen. that’s why i didn’t want to play 12:01am this morning. i wanted to wait and see if this would happen instead of me playing too early and not getting the extra credits and perks i should’ve. i get off work at 5 and planned on playing all weekend. i hope this gets fixed soon

I’m having the same issue. Game sharing game pass, downloaded the game yesterday and bought the premium add-on today. Can’t launch it.

This sucks and doesn’t state it anywhere if it’s a game pass sharing issue… I don’t really care about spending the money because I would’ve bought the premium add-on anyway, just wanted early access so I can play this weekend…

Also having the same issue.

Also having this issue, series x

I gameshare and weve both bought it not knowing the other did, it works for my mate but not me