Premium Add On Bundle Removed

About a week ago, i hopped on Forza Horizon 5 to get my next car pass vehicle, the Nissan SafariZ and i noticed i couldn’t redeem it. i’ve had that glitch before so i did what i’ve done to fix it to no avail. I checked my actual downloaded add ons and it’s not in my consoles downloads. I have all of the previous car pass vehicles in my inventory up to now, and i can’t even use them. only i have access to this console so i don’t understand how my VIP package is just gone. The whole crown by my name is gone too. I’m at a loss

For all troubleshooting, start with the README thread pinned above. If this is related to purchase management you may need to contact Xbox Support as well.

Same thing happened to me. Open the map and select only player houses. La Casa Solariega was showing not bought, even though I purchased it. I made it my default house. Then everything worked.

tl;dr welcome to r/forza. We’ve not found a more efficient way of implementing DLC in, idk like ten years. But suck it, and pay up because we have near zero competition. Just deal with it, lel.

Okay, let’s every one of us take a quick analysis of T10 official sponsor ManteoMax’s response. Nothing too tell-off-ish, right? Especially with the super deluxe “Cummunity Manager” title. Gotta be super official, there.

Read the README - sure. Odd how simple issues persist despite all the time passed since they first came about.

If it’s related to “purchase management”, please refer to Xbox Support documentation as it provides nothing in relation to that specific issue. Maybe it’s something to do with each car pack being 10mB for some reason, yet when mafs have all those dam individual “car packs” installed they cannot access the cars without an active internet connection. Let alone some random bassdrop like this. (Euphamism to avoid filtering, axe handles.) These implementations are done by normal folks who are made out to be geniuses. Even each individual car can be verified access via boolean. Either one or zero. Zero? That player cannot access the car. One? That player can access the car. But no, we have to complicate this process as much as possible. :confused:

And, don’t anyone try to contest me on the “dam”. Sharting and moaning of what’s made out to be “horrendous language” when it’s commonplace in everyday society despite how some folks adamantly argue otherwise. Step outside that front door of yours and you return to normal. Let’s all experience society for how we all really operate. XD

Remedial issues like DLC packs “disappearing” should have been well weeded out by now. Yet, for some reason, so many folks continue to play and deal with idiocy like this. Use one file, list all access as booleans (true/false), and cut the needless complexity of software… geniuses.

And for those who feel like I’m one to hate on Forza as opposed to GT… them folks over at Sony have the same issues going on, lel.

Manteo, you ain’t no help to anyone in the common playerbase, no more. That super special “Cummunity Manager” title differentiates you from the rest of us regular folks. Idk how the eich eeh dubble hoxy stix so few people see beyond simple things like that, but big help you’ve been in past times. Those times being long since passed, now. Big help, lel. No hard feelings, bre? :slight_smile: