Premium Add-on and treasure map

For both the welcome pack and the treasure map both say preorder for 11/09/21 (09/11/21) does anyone know if we will get access on the early access version?

Wondering the exact same thing

Welcome Pack will unlock on the Early Access date.

Treasure Map DLC is not included with any edition, but purchasing it will unlock on the Early Access date.


Excellent, so when will be allowed to download it? Because I’ve been trying to do it since the preload began haha

From what I understand you dont download them they acts as a license attached to your account someone told me soI hope this is indeed the case

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That is correct, everyone has all of the content in the game except the expansions are actual downloads. all of the other things are just unlock licenses. you’ll notice the download size if you’re on console always says 10 MB because it’s just unlocking the content that’s already installed.