Preload won't work. Keeps getting an error.

This has happened to me as well multiple times on my PC. The first time it got all the way to 95gb and restarted (took 19 hours or so). I then got an error at 2gb then at 8gb. After that it won’t install at all and gives an error. I give up. I may have to get a refund on this if I can’t download the game. Don’t want to take the chance of being out 150 dollars. Never had a problem with Horizon 3. I really need some help here. The error code is 0x80070005 Don’t think I’ve had an error like this before. Means I don’t have registry permissions? That sounds crazy. I’d like help if possible.

Everyone has been having this problem. Turn 10 is attempting to fix it, hopefully they can do it soon.

Could only find this about that error code, some “access denied” thing with background downloads (maybe background intelligence transfer bits service idk?).

Well I hope they’ll fix it.
Haven’t seen any official statment about this,tho.

I used a reg scan recommended for the error on the microsoft site and now my pc has no desktop and no programs work and windows doesn’t function. This game is going to cost me way more than 150 dollars now.

Oh, god! It happened the same to me. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] The only solution was to reset the installation of Windows, keeping my documents but losing my installed programs.

What seems to have worked for me was:
First, completely delete the Forza 7 items from the Store download queue (click the ‘X’ next to the item)
Once the store download queue is clear, and nothing is trying to download, then exit the store and run WSReset to clear the store cache.
Once the store comes back up, log in again, locate your edition of Forza, and click the Install button.
I tried WSReset numerous times, as well as the store troubleshooter, all to no avail. Only when I first removed the failed download from the queue, then did the above, it downloaded fine.