Preload mystery?

So I downloaded the full game without issue on PC and it shows the game and add-ons as installed. Shut down my PC, restart later and H4 isn’t in the installed list but the addons are. Them suddenly H4 pops up and starts downloading even though it’s already installed…but it’s only 4.6gb. I check the install folders (called sunrise) and there are 2 copies of the game at almost 64gb BUT one is a newer version and the hard drive isn’t any smaller even though there are two full installs. Is the 4.6gb mystery download an update of some kind?

So I guess the main game must have a 4.6gb update already. It patched fine and now it has a new version number. Never had a game do an update like that when it wasn’t even active yet.

And if previous version has not been downloaded by today, it starts over…