Pre order DLC car code swops

Hoping this doesn’t break any rules at all, though swear this sort of post was seen/done on the original Horizon…

Having a post where people can arrange a straight forward swap of codes sound a good idea?
I maybe a couple of days late putting this forward, but as always there’s a car I’d like, but the one I have I have little desire for.

I’m offering the Ferrari California code, looking for either the Audi RS6 code or the Gallardo.



If this is above board I also have a Ferrari code I would like to swap for a Lambo code :slight_smile:

I got an Audi RS4 Avante code, looking to trade for a Gallardo code.

Audi RS6?

If that was another pre-order car I didn’t know about then sorry in advance, but I have a code for the Audi RS4 Avant if you want to trade :slight_smile: same goes for anyone else in the thread if this doesn’t go through!

Just bare in mind, I was given a code with my physical copy of the game which I’ve redeemed. I was then sent the code I’m offering now via email, so I don’t know if it will work. If anyone does trade with me, I won’t redeem any codes you’ve sent until I’ve heard from you that my code works!! :slight_smile:

Shaymin82, you have mail.



I have the Gallardo Code Would love to get a RS4 Avant not sure if code will work had a lot of trouble with gamestops codes but if any one wants to try i really want a RS4

No code trading threads this time, they all lead to bickering.