Pre-Order dilemma is causing a headache

So first we have to decide what edition we want (This is by far the easiest of the decisions - Ultimate edition please) but then we’re faced with the dilemma of wanting a nice shiny steelbook to sit on the shelf along side every other game in the series, but guess what? If you buy the nice shiny steelbook, you don’t get the ‘Play anywhere feature’. Damn you Playground and turn 10!!

So after much deliberation I decide the play anywhere is probably the better option (use the PC at mine and the xbone at the gf’s) and I’ll get a second hand hard copy when its nice and cheap to fill the gap on the shelf. But wait hang on, different retailers get different preorder bonus cars. Hmmm Which car would I like the most? For me it has to be the Jag as its not only more individual than the others but you can bet most went for the stang or the Ferrari. Shopto here i come!! Not only do shopto only have the disc version (No play anywhere) but its the standard edition too.

Now I’m forced to buy from a retailer i despise (Rhymes with Lame) and get a Ferrari which isn’t the worse choice but not my preferred car or from Microsoft which I have no issue with but receive a car I’ll probably never drive.

I understand you’re trying to keep the retailers happy in some way but why oh why do you guys have to make the whole thing so damn complicated??? Just give me the Ultimate edition with nice shiny steelbook and a one time use play anywhere code registered to my windows 10 login email. Then let us choose one of a list of pre-order incentive cars.

It can’t be that hard for them to see FH3 on your Xbox purchase list, and enable it on the windows store too.
This is annoying me too. They don’t seem to be able to get people the WHOLE package. I too want the steelbook case but also the play anywhere feature. It sucks.
Still at least we have the game to play in a few weeks!

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This is an issue with so many games these days. They offer ‘exclusive’ content to various stores/sites so that customers have to choose which one to go with. Even if you pay the full top dollar price for a game you still don’t get all the launch content. Everyone misses out in some way.
IMO, using FH3 as an example, they could limit the store/site ‘exclusive’ launch cars to the standard and deluxe editions if they really want to do that. But if you are willing to buy the ultimate you should get all of them.

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For me personally, this isn’t an issue because I don’t have a computer powerful enough to run the game. I’ll be getting the Steelbook version but I can see why this is a problem for some people.

I wonder if buying the standard edition digital with play anywhere at a later date will work. Seeing as you’ve already paid for the ultimate it should keep the dlc etc

The cars are available to buy with ingame credits, the “exclusive” cars are jsut given to you at the start of the game.

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I do get that but the pre-orders come pre tuned with liveries usually. Not only saving you credits but adding a little fun to the mix when you and your mates are teamed up at early stages.

Isn’t this decision (digital v.s. hard copy) geared towards saving money for Microsoft. They don’t need to make a disc, ship it. How much do you think they have saved by pushing digital download. Millions I’d imagine. break down of Where my $60 goes when I buy a game.

Be glad you only pay $60 for the standard edition, here in Canada its $80 plus our taxes, so its $90 all in for just the STANDARD version…digital AND disc copy

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the preorder cars arent anything special that wont be available in the game anyway so not sure why that would make things difficult…not really exclusive models

These cars have untuned versions of the same models in the regular game roster and are treated as separate models due to the upgrades; players can still drive a Hellcat in the game even if they don’t buy from Gamestop.

more info here on preorder cars

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So in other words, I can only play on PC if I get the basic edition?

No. You can only play it on pc if you get a digital edition. Doesn’t matter if it’s basic, deluxe or ultimate