PRE-ORDER CARS as a reward?

Hello guys, I wanted to ask you guys if its actually possible to get a pre order car as a reward of the weekly photo contest. I mean… the rules say no DLC-cars… But you know the pre order cars aren’t actually downloadable content.


Rules for newest clarifies that a PO is not an eligible car.

So I actually CAN choose a Pre-Order car, Can’t I? I’m I missing something? What are you talking about?

Yeah you are, it’s any car that is not a DLC OR preorder. A comma would help. If you didn’t preorder from the corresponding retailer you don’t get the PO car for free. They actually are DLC cars, there was a code associated with each one.

The “non” in front of “DLC” also applies grammatically to the “Pre-Order”. So… No, sorry.

M8, choose Maserati MC12 FE or Capri FE :smiley:

Pretty sure it meant player’s choice of non-DLC and non-preorder cars. So no.

Darn. Now it really can trick the brain if you read it a couple times. I will message this thread to them so we can be completely confident.

I had someone come on my stream asking about getting a Bone Shaker. I told him I wouldnt sell him my only one lol and to keep an eye on the auction house. People were asking about getting that 812 as well, also not gonna sell my only one. So pre-orders and forzathon shop cars are wanted like hotcakes

Please tell me what is sense of having Preorder Car. Its just fully upgrade version of normal car. Nothing special. oh yes - they have „pre order” title on the name…

not right.
PreOrder cars allow e.g. other engine swaps and therefore other horsepower.
The Porsche e.g. goes over 1500 hp.

Ohhg I dont know it… try find you then. What cars have PO versions?

Hey all,

Sorry for the confusion this has spawned, I will make sure to fix this and clarify. You CANNOT receive a pre-order or DLC car as a reward at this time.