Pre-Order car pack.

Does anyone know if the Audi RS4 Avant will come out later on as a dlc car, I didn’t realise and pre-ordered from GAME instead so I got the Ferrari California , rather have got the Audi though

No one knows yet but most likely they will be.

There will likely (presumed) be a car pack with the pre-order vehicles made available. I’d expect them by way of paid DLC (not covered by the season pass) sometime around February.

Is there any chance that the retailer preorder bonus cars will be available to all soon? I’m a big fan of the '13 BMW M6 and would love to have it on FH2.

I would say they are likely to be made available in February or March as paid DLC. Stay posted.


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Do you thin the Pre-Order cars will be available in a DLC sometime in the future? I did pre-order, but I’m slightly annoyed that there are still some cars I can’t drive because I didn’t get it from a specific retailers.

Forza 4 had a pre-order bonus pack.What’s the likely hood of something similar coming out for Horizon 2?

I hope so too

I’ll throw my support (and money) at a pre order car pack.


Has the title says, will we get the 4 pre-order bonus cars in a pack please ?

The cars are :

  • Audi 2013 RS 4 Avant
  • BMW 2013 M6 Coupe
  • Ferrari 2008 California
  • Lamborghini 2011 Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera

PS : thank you for fixing the issue with the rewards meter not updating with the progress made in game.

Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about if Turn 10/Playground games are making a pack to include the pre order cars for all gamers. I have to say Personally I would be willing to pay money to get those cars being the collector I am.

It would appear on the news page when it comes out. It came out in H1 so id expect it here too, after the remaining car packs are revealed

I was wondering this because every Forza previously released the Pre-Order cars to the public a couple months after the game’s release and its been a good amount of time since the game has launched.
I also hate knowing that there are cars that exist in the game that I cannot get access to because they aren’t available on the Xbox Store. I’d be more than happy to pay 5$ for the cars right now, I just want a complete garage :confused:

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They should considering the last few forza normally by the end of the dlc, I really hope its soon i love the m6 and RS4 avant

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Time for a bump. Nearly half the GT Cars are unobtainable pre-order DLC, kinda irritating.

When did the Forza 4 pre-order DLC appear in the storefront?

FM4 launched: October 11, 2011
Launch Bonus: January 23, 2012

FH launched: October 23, 2012
Pre-Order Pack: March 11, 2013

Well, the March DLC just came out. Later this month there is the Fast and Furious Expansion coming, so if anything I’d guess April.

Can anyone shed any information about this ? They did it for horizon so I don’t see why they wouldn’t for horizon 2.

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Short question.

When are these getting released as a pack? I see the Gallardo (the car i bid money for if the code actually worked in europe) driving around in my game. It feels like mockery every time one passes me.
And that makes me angry. Angry enough to quit at times in fact. Atleast give us the option to buy these as a separate dlc.

So are these cars coming out a pack anytime soon? Or am i never going to drive a gallardo in FH2?
If it’s the latter i may quit playing altogether, as it seems unfair.


Nobody knows, kind of hope they’re not released for once. Same stuff needs to happen for things like limited collectors etc…