As the title says, I haven’t received my Pre-Order things.
I do have my VIP pass and car pass but no Pre-order cars or anything.
Please tell me how to get these cars!! :frowning:

Your retailer should have given you a code for one of the preorder cars.

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Where did you preorder from

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I Pre-ordered of the actual Xbox store…

You should have recieved a message with the code in it in your xbox live messages just like everyone else that did the same thing

Why have you waited 6 months to complain about it

I only complained about it now because I forgot those cars were in the game and my friend had a problem where he couldn’t get in those cars.

Go through your xbox live messages
Look for the one from xbox live
It should still be there unless you deleted it

All pr-order cars have been awarded as gifts I don’t know if it was just to certain racers such as VIP pass holders but they have been awarded sadly although they are in my garage I cannot access any of them just get the same message. Marketplace info cannot be downloaded try again later which is a total pain in the rump hopefully someone will sort it out soon and not take as long as they did to sort out the Blizzard Mountain barn find fiasco.

Was an error similar to the #63 lambo issue
Which still hasnt been sorted

Not really applicable to this thread though