Pre-load failed multiple times and can't even attempt download anymore.

Since last night I’ve tried to pre-load the game many times, and like many people I would get random errors and would have to restart.

However after my last attempt, the store doesn’t even say I own the game and is telling me I can pre-order it again (no option to install anymore).

I’ve tried relogging my account with no avail.

This has been a terrible experience and I’m thinking I cannot even take advantage of the early access that extra money was put toward.

I know it’s really disappointing, it happened to me last year with Horizon 3. I’m downloading it on Xbone so I can play the damn thing, then I’ll try again later. Hopefully enough people will get their attention and they’ll work towards a permanent fix.

Yea… I guess I’m going to have to install it on my Xbox as well. Disappointed because I was really forward to finally playing a Forza Motorsport series on my PC but the technical issues seem to be overwhelming at the moment.

OH well hopefully you don’t get screwed on Xbox aswell because I can’t finish downloading it there, I got to 83% yesterday and it just stop installing, then 33% 2 times, and I litteraly just got to 99% and it stopped. They don’t even mention anything that they know it’s a issue and the one they did says pc but it’s both pc and Xbox.