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I just pre ordered the premium edition of horizon 5 today on steam and saw that pre downloads opened yesterday I was wondering why cant I pre download it on steam? Or when will it be available to on steam?

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Per our official announcement posted yesterday, we don’t have a specific date for Steam preloading yet. “*Stay tuned to our social channels for an update on Steam preload timing.”

Currently Forza Horizon 5 is available to pre-load on Xbox consoles and Microsoft Store but not Steam. Is there any particular reason for this? Will Pre-load be made available before Forza Horizon 5 releases?

To encourage sales on the Microsoft Store where they don’t have to give Valve a cut, logically.

MS Store/Xbox preload came two weeks before Early Access, I expect the Steam preload will go live one week beforehand, on the 28th/29th.

I bought the premium edition so the game is supposed to release in only a few days and it’s over 100gb. Is this a fail on steams side?

Yeah, this is very sad tbh.

Gamers have been complaining about Steam preloading for years. One of the issues is inconsistency.

CD Projekt Red games go up a week early. But New World is an example of a game that only went up a day early.

Preloading is now available for Steam users. The full installation should be approximately 103 GB.

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Hi Max. I started a thread for this but meybe you could answer an installation question for me. After downloading the data through the Xbox app, there is one giant 103gb file in a roman numerals folder where my other MS games are but no regular install folder. It hasn’t actually installed, just downloaded the package. Is this normal? Will it expand when I start the game for the first time? Other game usually unpack and create a proper install folder after download but this one didn’t. I’m a bit worried it’s showing that everything is okay in the app but it actually isn’t. Sorry for being a bit off topic here.

Is it known yet when the game will be playable on Steam for early access people? Will it be playable at midnight Thursday night/Friday morning, or will we have to wait until 1pm est Friday to play?

The release notes didn’t mention anything different with the early release so, presumably, it will follow the same roliing release as the official release day:

“This is a rolling release. All editions will release at midnight (date depending on the edition you purchased) for your countries most Eastern time zone. i.e. USA Eastern time zone of midnight will be 9pm Pacific time.”