Prague Chicane

Ok, I’ve decided to focus on improving my lap times at Prague. I’m chasing my own ghost and can beat it by over a full second. Problem is, that final chicane will dirty my lap every time. I’m only talking about the forward version as the reverse is very different. I’ve seen that chicane discussed here (mostly complaints), but I’ve never seen a thread on how to approach it correctly.

I’m using a Mini in D class. I’ve tried following the ghosts of other players and taking the same line as them, but it doesn’t seem to help. Its that first bump. I go over it and the indicator comes on every time. I’ve tried slowing down for it and that works, but I lose too much time. I’ve tried going around it by keeping to the left, but I always clip the one wall when I do that. I can go through that section in what seems to be a perfect manner to me. Full throttle, right over the bump, and not touching any walls, but it just never counts… As soon as I see the indicator come on, I hit the rewind button and do it again. It always seems to work the second time through and I swear I’m not doing a thing different that I’m aware of.

I’ve watched a lot of replays of it and it seems that there are a lot of different approaches to it that the players in the top 50 are taking. Several of them seem to be taking the identical line that I am. So, what am I doing wrong? What is that I want to look for there? Its frustrating because I really don’t have a clue as to what the problem is.

I’d appreciate any and all responses…

Have you tried adjusting your ride height? You could just be literally bottoming out the car as you go through.

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The car doesn’t bottom out anywhere else on any track, so I’m a little skeptical of that being it. If it is bottoming out there on Prague, wouldn’t it bottom out going over the bumps on Long Beach? Or some of the high curbs at the Ring? I won’t be close minded though and will give it a try to see what happens. I’ll take it for a test drive and try it at every ride height and see what changes it makes, you could very well be right. Thanks for the suggestion.

If you are taking the straightest line possible, which is directly over the kerbing, then chances are Mitchy is correct.

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Well, its definitely not the ride height. I literally tried every setting possible with the ride height and there was no change. I even adjusted the springs, the rebound, the bump… None of them made a difference. That’s with me riding directly over the curb.

I went back to my original tune and figured I’d just stay at it until I got it right. I ran against the top Mini on the leaderboard (tx3 something, sorry don’t recall their name, and they are #2, I think). I figured they must have gotten it right or they wouldn’t be the fastest Mini on the track. Well, after 40 laps (yes, it took that many laps, that’s why I’m so frustrated), I gave up trying to follow the line that TX3 was using as it would not stay clean for me. On lap 41, I hit the brakes a little coming up to that bump and also took it just slightly off center to the right. It felt like it wanted to slide a little so I waited to get back on the gas after hitting the brakes. I can’t for the life of me figure out what was different, but it was actually clean. The time is slow IMO, but I did beat my PB by 1.3 seconds. I’m still very frustrated because I know I’m leaving about .6 or so out there. I’m happy about my time for now, but its going to eat away at me until I figure it out and run it even better. I know that I am doing something wrong, but I just don’t know what it is. I’m very very happy with the rest of my lap, but there has to be a way for me to get through that chicane without losing so much speed and staying clean.

Thanks for the responses from both of you, but I’m even more confused now than before…

If anyone else has something to add, I’d be very interested in your thoughts.

I’ve only recently started tuning but I had a similar problem with the Arbarth 500 until I changed the tyre profile. If you are running the really low profile like I was go for a size that lets the tyre flex more, now I’m no speed demon but my car now seems more stable over the bumps and kerbs.

Setting a clean lap there involves luck. I’ve literally ran the same line and it was clean once and dirty the next time. I’ve also ran it clean but tapped the wall later and got dirty, rewinded to were I was midway thru the corner, pressed start and got an instant flashing triangle.

It doesn’t matter if you get airborne, have various numbers of tires on the curbing, or spring rate. It’ll penalize you randomly.

I’ve been penalized for barely touching the curbs, and other times was clean by running straight through them within inches of touching the wall.

You can also slam the left side wall before the chicane and still be clean. The whole section is buggy.

Hadn’t thought of rim size before… I’m running 14" rims (second lowest profile). I might try running 12’s or 13’s to see if it makes any difference. I suspect that those sizes will hurt throughout the rest of the track though. We’ll see though, I will give it a shot later today… Thanks for the suggestion.

That its completely random is the conclusion that I’ve been leaning towards as there is no apparent method to the madness there. I’ve been holding off on letting it come down to that though as there has always been some type of user error that was eluding me. Some tracks are difficult for me to figure out what is causing that user error, but I normally do figure it out eventually. However, this one has me completely stumped… There is another very curious area on Yas that has me confused too, but I can just alter my line and the time lost is only about a hundredth of a second, so I don’t care if I ever figure that one out. I never got serious with Prague until recently and I am really starting to enjoy the track as a whole. However, getting dirty laps when there doesn’t appear to be a valid reason (or at least a clear reason) for them is getting very frustrating. I ran 5 more laps before calling it a night last and I didn’t slow down for the chicane on one of them and finished with a dirty time that was .8 faster than my LB time. The only way I can get it clean consistently is to slow down significantly.

This is frustrating me so much because I’m trying to beat a time by someone that I have an unfriendly rivalry going with. He keeps throwing Prague in my face because he is ahead of me on that leaderboard. He’s only a handful of spots ahead though and if I can figure out the chicane, I will pass him.

Maybe luck isn’t as much of a factor as we think… I just took what you said about slamming into the wall and tried it in the game. I always kept a little away from that wall since the track is so unpredictable there. I didn’t want the cobblestones throwing me into the wall if I was too close. Sure enough, you can slam that wall very hard and still have a clean lap. With that in mind, I ran some laps staying as close to that wall as I could. Going over the first curb, I tried to get very close to the wall on the right. Then let off the gas just a slight bit so it wouldn’t slide going over the second curb. Using this approach wasn’t perfect, but it was clean far more often than how I was going through there before. Faster too…

Took a look for you on the leaderboard but didn’t see you. If you’d run a few laps when you get a chance so I can compare, I’d appreciate it.

Just keep at it. Eventually it’ll be clean. Not sure why your rival is bragging about that track, but I totally feel your pain. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted-fyerball] rivals are the worst, especially when they go all beast mode on a few tracks but conviently forget about the majority of the rest of the tracks where they got beat.

Don’t know what the guy’s issue is, but to say he dislikes me would be an understatement. I don’t even acknowledge him now, I just enjoy beating his times any chance I can. I just passed him on Prague with my new approach, so I’m happy for now. I’m still leaving about .4 on the track though. Gotta go back and get that strictly for me now… :slight_smile:

Prague forward you can turn in to soon to hopping the curb and dirty the lap. There’s really no clear distinction there between where you dirty the lap and where it stays clean. You just need to turn in a hair later so the car is slightly further to the left on the right hand turn. There are no such issues with the left hand turn portion of it.