PR Stunt: Runway Danger Sign | 1263.1 ft |

i done 1,800 and 2k feet.
yet it keeps saying i miss it by 1 foot.
xbsx wth current firmware

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I had same issue - quit to xbox home screen - force quit FH5 then restart it and try again.

This worked for me. I had this issue with a few seasonal challenges.

This was an issue with last week’s Speed Trap. Assuming you are using the correct Type and Class of car, try going into Horizon Solo and then going back into Horizon life…it worked for me last week

i have tried both of req posted and what on reddit.
still bug.

Please read the Known Issues list linked in the READ ME thread pinned above.

i had this bug just doing a free roam speed zone

i missed it by 1mph always

i went to solo mode and did the speed zone and i passed it