PPiDrive's Photo Thread

I’d like to share some of the photo’s I’ve taken in Forza Horizon 2 with you. Let me know what you think. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy.

Renault Alpine driving in San Martin:

Domino’s Pizza Delivery Abarth 595 - Paint done by: Tapping Target

Passing an NSX on the [somewhat] open road to Nice:

Chasing a Yellowbird in the rain:

Nice shots mate! Looking good, I really like the Jag/Ruf shot.

Nice start!

Here are some more photos I’ve taken.

Guess where I found these pretty arches?

Driving around San Giovanni in one of my favorite cars:

Sometimes, when the Drivatar systems goes wonky and all the AI cars freeze, it works out to your advantage and you can get some group shots in Solo. This isn’t the best shot in the world, but I rather like it.

Taking corners sideways in a new STI:
Look for my Open Source tune in my signature

Having fun in my new Police car:
FH POLICE Livery up for grabs

Chasing down a Lamborghini Huracan:
Suspect sighted

Playing a little Need for Speed in my Forza:
NFS Rivals within FH2???...

Another angle of the PIT:

Looks like you had quite a bit of fun with the latest shots :slight_smile: That Huracan looked pretty reckless, good thing you got him off the road! I also just set myself up with a new police vehicle in FH2 and it’s extremely fun harassing the drivatars!

Here are some new photos I took. I was doing my fair share of off-road events and seemed to be passing several drivatars in midair - usually for an over take to put me in first place - so I photo’d some and here they are.

My afternoon started off with some hooligan behavior testing my new [shared] layer groups.

Naturally, this led to some trash talk and street racing.
Mild air

In the next race, I also passed this poor guy, but I flew right over him as he sank into the ground :S
Suddenly, More Oven

Eventually, I had to take the fight to Storm Island. Even there, the drivatars could not get away from me, literally, flying over them for the win.
Another mid air overtake

BTW: SatNiteEduardo built the 1970 Camaro and it is wicked fast and super amazing for RWD on or off road racing on the mainland. The file name is called riverbed and it is A800.

That last shot looks cool!

Here are some more photos I’ve taken: