Power vs grip?

Do i have only one who think grip/handling is mutch more important than power in this forza espically when comparison against fh3? But i have notice that most recommened tunes focus mutch more power than grip, really good expamle is pre order mclaren 720 all s2 tunes in recomned page use rally tires so can get more power. I then test both versions, rally tires with high bhp vs stock tires with mutch less bhp and i drive bamburgh coast circuit almost 2 second faster when using stock tires.

I agree with you Im not the best tuner but when I tune a car I start with handling then put on power I mean if your car has crazy power but you cant control it whats the point. So to me id rather have a car with good handling and less power a good balance between both is best way to go.

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This is why we have a problem with these rammers in PvP. They go all power and no handling and can’t take a corner at all.


That is really good point. This is not fh3 where my favorite a-class car was some holden with 1130kw and 440km/h top speed because there you can powerslide corners so fast. I made one day aston martin vantage tune and when i was what other peoples have made i notice djs was build same car with same s1 class totally different way (he’s version have somethink like 120kw more power) i then test both version he’s and my own and my own end up being 0,5 second faster.

I too build my tunes for grip then add power. I have an AWD Alpha Guilia tune that smokes every unbeatable ai I race against. Xbox gamer tag is ShakerMt.