Power Figures

Since forza is a simulator or pretty close to it, how accurate are the horsepower and torque figures. On some cars, lets say a my ZR1 has 816 hp and 796 lb-ft of torque. but when i access the current figures screen like in a race or practice my ZR1 has 753 max torque and around 778 hp depending on which gear im in. are these figures displaying power to the wheels? Cause in some instances like in my '11 STI the power is spot on between both the upgrade stat screen and the race/practice stat screen. Its strange because as real of a racing game this is its not very accurate. In real life my '11 STI has dyno’d 303 whp and 344 wheel torque. so to the crank im close to about 380 hp and torque. I would expect somewhat similar results in the game especially if I have my in-game build pretty damn close to my real-life build. can anyone verify power figures, whether its crank power or to-the-wheel power.

Thats telling me that your gearing is off. You are shifting after you have already lost your max horsepower and torque. Try maybe short shifting and adjusting your transmission

its nearly impossible, the power climbs and drops so fast I can’t tell where there hell is the best shift point. I guess thats one reason i always get beat out in straights. but that still doesnt tell me if the power is crank or to the wheels.

I wouldnt worry about where the power is at (crank or wheels) because im sure every car has been built with that in mind and are the same. When you put the motor in just look at the torque curve. For instance the 1.6l racing motor has a quick torque build at low RPMs but then dies rapidly at 5500 RPMs. With this car you would want to shift around the 5500 mark to get max torque for maximum length.

So i tried to find the thread that really broke down and explained good shifting points relating to horsepower and torque but i couldnt find it. Does anybody else know where it is to help this guy out?

If you search ‘hp shifting’ the first thread has a lot of info.

As far as I can tell it’s measured at the crank on the telemetry screen. All engines have a diff power band, if it’s saying your hp is less on the telemetry screen then as stated above if guess u have gone past the max hp point if the power band. The upgraded cam may be able to solve this prob for u if u can use one in whatever class your car is in. They are designed to shift the hp peak further towards the redline since a race car spends most of its time at higher rpms.