Potential minor improvement

I’ve been reading through the forum and noticed that there’s a lot of posts with people’s minor gripes. Most of these gripes relate to small details that could be fixed with an update rather than making major changes to the game.

As we know from experience turn 10 look at the forum for feedback, would it be a good idea to have a thread to discuss the minor issues and glitches?

The features wish list primarily covers new features people want to see whereas what I am proposing would cover the smaller issues which don’t add anything new to the game.

Personally I have the 3 following issues which are bugging me:

  • cars popping flames. I haven’t really upgraded and of my cars yet as I prefer them standard but every single car in my garage pops flames with nearly every gear change. Starting to feel like I’m playing fast and furious.

  • brake glow. I believe I’m right in thinking that in Forza 6 only cars with ceramic brakes under heavy braking would glow. In horizon 3 every car has brake glow even when slowing down slightly.

  • rain on the screen in chase mode. It’s an excellent feature but needs toning down a bit in heavy rain

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I´m agreeing with 100%! little bugs that “must” be fixed!

None of these are bugs though, theyre design decisions.

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That is true they are. They may be design decisions but that doesn’t mean they are popular amongst the paying customer.
In the case of the rain, when the demo came out there were a lot of people complaining about it.

My original post doesn’t give any examples of glitches because I haven’t come across any yet. That doesn’t mean the thread can’t be used to compile a list of both glitches and possible improvements to the game features. The main point should be that the issues are minor enough to fix in an update, as we all know 99% of the features in the wish list will never see the light of day. These issues I see as more achievable improvements.

It doesn’t mean they are unpopular amongst those customers either.
There only seems to be a lot of complaints because most people don’t post when they’re happy or like something, only when they don’t. There’s no way of knowing whether it’s popular/unpopular out of everyone that bought that game. Personally, I like the rain on the camera. I like to play with the chase view and in that you can see the car clearly without the rain. Go inside the car and the rain obscures the view through the windscreen. Having rain on the chase cam helps balance that aspect out IMO.

But if the mods feel there’s enough minor gripes posts to warrant their own section they’ll create one. People will still post them in other topics so someone will need to move them.

The Ford Escort RS1800 is missing its right headlight glass when you upgrade it with the forza front spoiler. Its not a big deal, but kinda annoying.

Did that in Forza 6 too I think.

I love this thread.

The cars pop flames every 5 seconds haha, I love when it pops when you stop after doing 270 but do I really need 2 each gear?

The brakes are a bit over the top too. Calm down, I brake once from 150 and they’re bright orange as if you touched them they’d melt.

The rain is terrible, it’s always HEAVY. I can’t drive cockpit in the rain as I can’t see nothing, they need to tone it down. Yes, have heavy rain but light showers too please.