Posting photography

I am new to forums, and was wondering if there was a way to download or transfer for photography from Forza to forums and instagram. If anyone can tell me how to transfer/ download, that would be great, as I am trying to earn rewards form taking photos, to boost my forza and ig account. Thanks!

Method 1: Your photos saved in game are available in the Forza Gallery. Using a browser on this site, click the COMMUNITY menu and GALLERY dropdown to see your photos and save them to your computer; this is also available in the Forza Hub app on PC. (If the dropdown disappears as you move your mouse, try right-clicking to open the menu in another browser).

Method 2: Take an Xbox One Screenshot while in Photo Mode with UI hidden or while viewing a photo in the in-game Forza Gallery menu (not available while streaming), then use Xbox’s Manage Captures menu to upload it to Xbox (where you can see it on sites like or Twitter or OneDrive.

Method 3: Stream your game to Windows 10 using the Xbox app and take a screenshot from your device.

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