Posted all my most valuable cars in auction house. They all DISAPPEARED (~100,000,000 credits!)

I played FH4 on PC and I posted a dozen or so cars to the auction house:

  • 250 GTO
  • D-Type
  • 250 LM
  • 330 P4
  • W154
  • DBR1
  • 917
  • GT40 MKII
  • C-Type
  • 300 S
  • Zonda R FE

I posted them all for 24 hour auctions. I later played the game on my Xbox, and all my auctions were gone! The cars were not in my garage, and I received no notifications that they sold or did not sell in auction. They were simply completely gone. I took pictures of the auctions after I posted (to maybe buy the cars again someday and match the designs I had) so I can prove they were posted, and I do not have them now nor the roughly 100,000,000 credits they are valued at collectively.

I would really appreciate some help here. I submitted a ticket, as well, but I have not heard back. I really don’t want to just lose all the time it took to collect those cars/credits because of a glitch in the auction house.