post your car spins on the level up roulette

so far from a couple of goes just 1 standard Lotus Elise 111R

Level 10, so far just credits. Max was 100k so with VIP 200k. Nice.

I am getting dud now past a certain level one go just 7,500 credits

I’m around level 15 now and I got the lotus elise and a mustang, the rest were credits from 2k to 25k (although with vip that doubled them)

well have to make some credits now as I am broke

I’m around level 6-8 I’d guess and I got a BRZ/GT86 (not sure which one, same thing anyways) horizon edition. Besides that only cash so far and almost every time that’s between 20-30k before VIP doubler

my last two spins I won the car that it says on the side you have a chance to win- a Lexus LFA last time, and the time before was a Javelin, I believe

level 36 and have two horizon edition cars, the bmw m3 and the lambo huracan . Been sick so took off the day and have been playing all day. Still have no access to my social or rivals panel :confused:

Level 17, 2 cars so far from spins: 2012 Bowler and 1990 Jaguar XJ-S.

I would like to get one of those cool HE cars but not a huge deal. With all the car pack cars, Tier cars, pre order car, vip car, and past game cars. I started with like 30 cars already lol

Well, if you insist…

Too bad I forgot to screencap getting the Viper HE.

Been getting a few other cars, but most of the spins are going to be credits. Just pray it doesn’t land on 2000Cr.

Got the new bmw m4 horizon edition on lvl10.Looks pretty sick.Lvl 15 spin was garbage sadly.Will post a pic if get to tomorrow.

Level 31 here and no HE cars from spins. I got 5 regular cars though :

Brand / Type / year / division / value

Ferrari FF 2011 modern supercars 255,000
Aston Martin V8 Vantage V600 1998 retro supercars 342,000
Ford Shelby GT350R 2016 modern muscle 75,000
Honda S2000 CR 2009 Asian sports cars 25,000
Penhall The Cholla 2011 offroad buggies 100,000

Level 55 with two HEs and a couple regular cars, but 90% of spins land on the absolute lowest CR possible, which is super suspicious and annoying since that’s exactly how it felt in Horizon 2 as well.

(Edit: I also did about 10 extra spins through perks.)

Same for me but i didnt get the he cars yet. I got 2 regular ones and for the most part im getting the 2000 and 7000cr. Very suspicious…

Ferrari California T - Won at Level 11, when i completed Bucket List #9Forza Horizon 3 - Bucket List #9 - YouTube

Chevy Monte carlo, Ferrari 365gtb, Datsun 510,Alfa Milano,…maybe some other but the pearl i got was my GTR H Edition :slight_smile: (first, i like the default look but the boost is really nice!).
I bought the perk to buy wheelspins (50000cr per run ,i think) but unfortunatelly, hasn’t paid yet…(got a lot of 2000cr and 5000cr lately and no VIP in this case)

winner !, just spun on the featured vehicle the Lexus LFA

I got £75,000 on both my spins doubled to £150,000 only level 2 so far lol

Level 15 and so far I managed to get only an Jalpa, pretty pleased with it tho since I love anything Lamborghini (except Murcielago).

Mostly money, M4 HE on level 10 or so. Sold that for 1 250 000cr a bit later, seen some HE cars go for over 9 million cr, kinda crazy