Post december 14 update - weekly treasure hunt blazing thunder still doesn't work

As the title says, the latest stability update seems to have fixed nothing.
Blazing thunder treasure hunt still shows a blank map, go wild daily challenge won’t complete.

Anyone have a fix for either of those?


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How in the hell is anyone going to get the 200 points for SVJ then. off to the AH i guess.

It’s 200 out of 266 points total. Which requires an average of 50points per season.

  • Most of the daily challenges are easy to do, even if you don’t like The Eliminator, you should get get 6 out of the 7 points
  • Eventlab is kinda a free one, same as horizon tour (if it wasn’t completed by a bug already) as the drivatar difficulty is quite low.
    Also the monthly rivals is an easy one, as you don’t have to beat the rivals time and you get 4 points for each season straight away.
  • The seasonal championships aren’t that hard either, to make it easier get a car that isn’t to close to the maximum specs allowed, so you have more freedom in tuning it. Like if it’s A800, don’t get an A790 car or so, you can barely tune that one, but you will be able to do a lot to a B650 for example. Especially adding the AWD helps in most cases to make the race easier.
  • The PR stunts aren’t that difficult, just get the right car and if you want you can search for a tune, usually the ones you find straight away are focused on that achievement.
  • Lastly it can be quite frustrating, as it’s not only on you to do well, but your teammates need to be focused enough too :sweat_smile:
    But you should keep trying The Trial, those 10 points give a big boost.
    Make sure you get the right car with a good tune or even do some research as some cars are so much faster, even if they have the same rating.
    The most annoying part is usually that your teammates are not focused enough and don’t understand the point system. They want to beat you, even by pushing you of the track, while it’s a team game…
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Umm easily.

The broken stuff stops 100% but the rewards do not require 100%

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The game can be launched now… probably.

tried 3 times and was fine

Yeah, sometimes it worked more than that. I will wait for more tests. :smiley: No trust here anymore… after all H4 patches.

Did you really expect something else? . . .