Post Car Packs DLC?

I was just curious, but will we continue to get more cars after we get the final sixth car pack that’s coming out? Or is that it? I’m still waiting for the 2017 Acura NSX and the BMW i8.

More than likely, yes.

The Car Pass covers the first six monthly DLC packs (October-March), and it’s already been quasi-confirmed that there will be a Top Gear sponsored pack in April. How far it will continue from there though, nobody but T10 knows.

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Usually there is more dlc packs after the car pass has finished
Usually at an extra cost though

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We did for the last 3-4 games. 6 months of Car Pass Packs, 6 months of extra Packs

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You may be waiting a while seeing the direction Turn 10 is going with these car packs lately. Lol, I may be waiting a while as well seeing how I want the 2016 488 GTB and or the 2016 Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SuperVeloce. We may all get exactly what we want, just not too soon. Only thing we can do is wait for a car pack that’s really worth it considering the car pass is over in March and after that we’ll have to pay for them for about $5 minimum.

The car pass is good for “6 monthly car packs”. Not "6 months of car packs"so we have another one coming.

top gear and Porsche is already confirmed for after the pass. I don’t get why they don’t just make the pass a year now going by the last few games.

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if you have a look at the Porsche thread there’s an ad from Amazon saying that the Porsche pack will be out March the 1st…have a feeling that the March pack will be skipped and that the April Top Gear pack will be the final pack of the car pass but you never know
The Porsche pack is definitely a separate pack though…not part of the car pass, has a price of $20 US

I’d gladly pay more for a year car pass but either way I always get everything


I buy all the dlc car packs mainly to paint, done nothing diff since early forza games, love classic cars more than anything.

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Don’t paint but love classic cars also. Its one of the main reasons I pretty much buy all the car packs for Forza.

I’m way more excited about the Porsche Pack than the monthly car packs. In my opinion the DLC for FM6 has been pretty weak so far. However the inclusion of Porsche makes me very happy. Love 911s and having various models of those to race about will be brilliant. In fact I would rather see the monthly DLC car packs replaced with event/location DLC. So instead of half a dozen cars you’ll probably never use you get new tracks and new showcase events for example.

Someone already mentioned it but we already know that we will get at least one more car pack after the car pass. Since we already know that April’s car pack will be called the Top Gear car pack.