Possible reason for the '11/12 players accepted' in ranked team adventure

So when trying on my own a lot of the time i would get to ‘11/12 players accepted’ and then the searching would cancel out and restart.

Tonight a friend and I were trying whilst we were in a convoy together and the initial search for a ranked match was fine she got the request to search and accepted it and we both got the on screen message to join a session when enough players were found but it failed and began searching again, now this is where the issue came about is that a new match was found but only I got the prompt this time as the convoy leader and this time when the searching made it to 11/12 players accepted it remained for at least a minute and we believe its due to the fact that she is one of the 12 players found but couldn’t accept the match as she didnt get the prompt when i did.

We tried again tonight and this time with her hosting the convoy and the same happened. Restarting the search fixed it sometimes but not always BUT we think that us fast travelling whilst searching messed it up as twice she got the prompt but i did not as the guest in the convoy

I have noticed the same issue. Several time, I wasn’t prompt to join ranked adventure when I was guest in the convoy, sometimes the matchmaking fail with (11/12 players), and sometimes, I got the message “cannot join, session is full” and was kicked out the advendure.