Possible Fix for Motorsport 7 not strating after Fall Creator's Update

Hey guys,

After installing the fall creators update, i found that with the last WHQL and Beta Driver from AMD (17.9.3 and 17.10.1) that enhanced sync will for the game to crash when trying to sign in. This will continue to happen unless you restart the rig or the game resets the quality details. Once you try restart the game the problem will happen again.

What i suggest is a workaround that i found, until AMD release a new driver, is that you take off enhanced sync in AMD settings. this will allow the game to start up. (cap your framerate to prevent tearing).

For the green team, maybe look into the drivers you use for something similar (or switchover to the red team :P). Hopefully the issues will be solved with the next Driver release from both camps.

Please let me know if i can help if you get stuck.