Possible dumb question

My internet provider is having an outage in my area. Which is rather annoying considering I’m paying over $100 a month for it and only use it for gaming. My question is this. Will all the XP I earn while playing offline magically show up when I get service again? So if I gain 100,000 XP will that be added to my club tier level when I get back online? Or am I just playing for no reason at this point?

I think it’s saved to your profile and will sync fine once you reconnect. That’s why sometimes people have to wait while their profile syncs.
There are other reasons to carry on playing anyway. For the pleasure of it for example. Enjoying the scenery, cars, other people’s witty gamertags! lol

It’s all fixed now. None of the gamer tags showed up when I wasn’t connected. It just had the players race position displayed.

Not sure if it’s related but I’ve also had the game freeze twice and been kicked to the dashboard once since my internet starting working again.

shrugs back to racing.

Just a heads up (not to scare you or anything) but both Xbox Live as well as the game-specific server/settings are not guaranteed ever. If Microsoft decides to pull the plug tomorrow without notification, we’re all done for.

I can relate to your issue of having no internet (since I work from home quite often so I have a backup ISP in place) but nothing’s guaranteed on either platform (Sony or Microsoft).