Possible Drivatar bug?

So i tried out several settings on drivatars, and i believe i found a bug.
I used maximum difficulty setting on drivatars in one race, didn´t like it, and switched back.
since then i ALWAYS have ONE single drivatar on my back, no matter how fast i go or what car i use.
It´s like he hangs on a rope and i tow him all the time…
This drivatar drives still like on maximum difficulty.
tried to switch again up and down, then it´s ok for one race, but after that he still sits in a rocket train.

anyone else experienced this?
it´s really annoying… i want to chill when playing the game, not being stressed my some KI … :smiley:

Rubber-banding is a common thing in the Horizon games. Not uncommon to build a 20 second lead and suddenly they’re right behind you. Their way of keeping the race “interesting” I suppose. Unless your vehicle is so incredibly outclassing the AI’s vehicle, it’s likely to have one or two cars that rubber-band to you, in my experience.

i know that they use rubberbanding, but that´s not the problem here.

thing is that, even on lowest drivatar settings, always one of em is on my back.

before i usually overlapped nearly all of em in a 5 lap race. now i lead the whole race (overlapped one or 2 already) and in the last lap by magic one drivatar comes in like a rocket (rubberbanding turbo mode :smiley: ), passes me at incredible speed and wins.

i tested this in several races now. it´s always the same, no matter what setting.
And it WASN´T like that BEFORE used maximum drivatar difficulty on time!

Update: i´ve seen that this drivatar is level 445. all others are around level 150. maybe that´s the problem. he seems to ignore the drivatar settings.
i´ll fire him when i have the chance next time, then see if the problem is gone. i´ll update this thread then.

Ok if anyone is interested, the drivatar level was the problem.

i changed the level 445 one with a level 90 one and everything is fine again.

dunno if it was a bug. maybe drivatars above a specific level ignore settings. though i´ll try to keep only ones under level 400 so far :smiley:

Its just straight up rubber banding. I cant even tell you how many races i finished first with the second place drivatar being exaclty .200 slower. It doesnt seem to make a difference level wise as it shouldnt really because driver level is based off of xp not how fast they are. Races are set up a particular way, beginning of 2nd lap your in 5th-7th, third lap your in 2nd-4th than about 3-4 turns left you pass the first place guy. Sometimes you blow them out if you do have the best car in the class with a good tune but for the most part it seems scripted. Ive found that the best racing is to run either stock cars or cars with a pi in the middle of a class. If i upgrade a car to the top of its class especially one that isnt particularly a good car i see the runaway drivatar a lot.

No it’s not. It’s the exact same bug that FM6 had at launch where a much higher level drivatar is in the race than should be. Only now it’s affecting your drivatar lineup. Drivatars are messed up in general.

^ How is that even remotely possible? I was right behind 5th, 6th and 7th as I crossed the line in a 2 lap Goliath race. 2nd, 3rd and 4th are in my drivatar lineup. I caught the back markers on my 2nd lap while they were just hitting The Outback. It then took me until after Surfer’s to get past them because they suddenly remembered how to drive. Rubber banding definitely isn’t the issue as they should’ve been a lot closer than they were.

Believe me, it isn’t always the level. I have a drivatar of someone that hasn’t started the game yet and I have even resorted to pushing him into a wall a couple time because he just won’t come unglued from my ass and if it does “take him out” because he hits dead center, he is right back up on m ass again.

By level I mean drivatar difficulty, not driver level. It’s like the drivatars are set to Unbeatable even when it’s on New Racer.