Possible Cheating?

I know, I know, always a topic of controversy and will most likely get locked instantly. I’m not here to name and shame. I’m not here to immediately resort to calling out cheating as I understand the “get gud” immature adolescent responses are likely inbound. But I do suspect potential foul play if that is even possible. For example, the game just released yesterday (9/23/16). Technically, the game releases next tuesday, but for those that pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition, we all got to get a head start. What I want to know is, how in the living H*** are players reaching in game levels 70+ in the first few hours? I went online last night and no matter how well I drove, what events I choose, and then try to battle online with every perk I can get under the sun that adds some sort of XP bonuses, no where do most people level up so quickly.

Also, what do you all recommend for a fantastic online “B” class car? Again, suspicious to me, but whilst playing in an online lobby, (Xbox One), a player no matter which car the rest of the lobby chose, he was just utterly destroying the entire field by a margin of at least 10 seconds either in circuit or point to point races. He was using the 2005 Subaru WRX STI and while I understand a tuned WRX to be very competitive, I can’t imagine that the car is simply in its own class. It either seems to be an oversight as far as its overall rating goes, or somehow (short of impossible) is suspicious foul play? Someone shed some better light on this with an actual intelligent answer? By the way, just to reiterate, wasn’t just me getting beat. I’m ok with losing. He was (I repeat) destroying everyone else online too, with ease and it was zero competition.

Well, the game has been out for nearly 2 days in certain parts of the world (like Australia for example) so it’s not surprising to see high level people in the game already, especially somebody who has played the game all the time since the release. I have a friend of mine who is already nearly level 50, and I know for a fact that he isn’t using any type of cheating software/tricks, he just simply has played the game all night and all day since he got it :stuck_out_tongue: Along with that there were thousands (if not tens of thousands) of people who received the game early so that they can make paintjobs, videos, and whatever other stuff from the game. Those people are high level players as well since they have played the game for a week (or something like that, don’t know exactly when they got the game) already.

For the car, I don’t know about B class but I have a '74 Celica GT in the game, its class is C600 and has a top speed of around 360km/h and it makes around 1000HP. The class doesn’t really mean anything, if you have a perfect tune for the car you can make a really slow car into something really fast and still keep it in the same class that it started its life in when you bought it from the store (the Celica was a D class car but you get the idea).

I got to level 10 in about an hour and a half of playing last night. Earn lots of skill points and your XP will grow quickly. Figuring the game has been out for about 48 hours now in some parts of the world it’s not unreasonable.

between the midnight launch, and when I went tobed last night, lvl 55, not that entirely hard

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In my opinion those spins and spins perks are cheats because they make the game easier. I won’t use them unless I have to.

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As others have said some people played a lot when early access started and there was a very large number of people that got it even earlier than that, Raceboy77 is a level 150+ not because he cheated but because he was given the game more than a week before early access and put 130 hours in so far.

As for the guy destroying the lobby by 10 seconds, he’s prob just really fast and it wouldn’t matter what car he selected he’d still be very fast. Just like in FM6 I’m pretty fast myself and able to set top 20-100 times on the leaderboards when I’m hotlapping but there’s still guys out there that have me beat by 1-4 seconds a lap. And they would easily beat me by 10+seconds in any race any car any track.

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Theres someone whos nearly level 400 lol, they probably play alot, it was the same person who got the first 999 in FH2. Perks make it alot easier as well as online, but I tend to enjoy finishing single player before going online.