Possible Bugatti Chiron teaser

I dont know if this is a teaser for future dlc or not but radio dj on Hospital radio mentions Bugatti Chiron.

Are you sure it wasn’t Veyron?

No, he says clearly Chiron.

I’ve heard this, and interestingly there was a thread not too long ago about it.

Possible, but let’s not count our biscuits before they hatch (kudos for knowing the reference :wink: )

I was cruising around the other day and DJ on the station i was listening to said something like: How fast is a Bugatti Chiron? Who knows, maybe that’s something we will never find out.

I know its not one of the biggest reveals but I think its interesting that they let something slip like that. Forza obviously has the rights to the Chiron and its only a matter of time before they put it in the game.

Has anyone else heard this yet?

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I hope they put it in tomorrow’s pack, if they already have the rights!

When the in-game radio feels alive.

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I’m going to be getting this game for Christmas and I love the Bugatti and I was hoping they had the Chiron but they don’t… at least not yet. The official release is in 2016 they said and it’s almost the end of the year. They most likely will have a DLC pack / Update in early 2017 after the car is realized.

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Well, let’s hope so. It could be in the January Car Pack whatever it may be called, or it may not be coming until April after the Car Pass is no longer usable. I haven’t heard of any mentions of the Chiron, even though I listen to Hospital Records Radio all the time essentially.

Also, The W Motors Likan that’s coming up in January as a Forzathon. I wonder of there is a Harley Quinn or Deadshot themed version. Joker drove it in the Suicide Squad (but I thought their Joker sucked and the Chrome-red wrap they used on it was obvious on the close-up shots and wasn’t well done. Ledger’s joker will always be the best IMO.

I even took the Merc HE edition (Speed Skills) and retuned it for Handling. I plan on using it tonight on 3 of the events to kill two birds with one stone. The Skill chain and the Playground games.

As for the Chiron. It might be mid-2017 before it shows up. Bugatti (owned by VW) hasn’t started selling them yet as far as I know. The Chiron is still making the auto-show rounds and I’m not 100% sure that they are done working on it or they are trying to gauge interest in seeing it become a production car. I just hope it handles better than the Veyron.

The car the joker drove is actually called a Vaydor. It’s just a custom body on an Infiniti G35 chassis

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Correct, seen one in person at SEMA a few years ago, not a bad looking car but there’s lots of other things I’d have if I had the money.

Not sure being sold is a factor in developing for the game. The 2017 Ford Raptor was in FH3 and FM6 well before they were for sale. The order banks didn’t open up until August 2016 (Ordered mine August 3rd) They just started showing up at dealers a couple weeks ago (hopefully mine will be here sometime in January).

It could be a legitimate blip that someone forgot to excise and could actually point to a future DLC attraction with only three more left to dole out. Not a fan of the Bugattis, but I’ll take the Chiron any day with a more realistic look-forward-to in FM7 to open it up on Old Mulsanne !

2/3 of the chiron are already sold, and I think that some have been spotted, especially in Switzerland, but I m not sur about that

i wish this january pack includes the bugatti chiron !!!11

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It will not.


I think so… There was a leak of cars being part of January Car Pack. I am nearly sure that most of cars wanted by a community will be released when Carpass expire.