Possible acceptable import graphics

I just had a thought about import graphics. If there was the ability to import a JPG/PNG or whatever and treat it the same as someone else’s vinyl, i.e it would be locked. You can then use it to trace over, but be unable to share the vinyl or a livery using it, unless the locked import was removed. Additionally, you would not be able to use a livery including the imported graphic in-game.

This should satisfy all painters as it is no different to tracing from a transparency or via something like Glass2k.

Any thoughts?

Not sure what you mean by “tracing from a transparency” Rally & I’ve seen Glass2k mentioned before… but have absolutely no idea what it is or does, LoL!

I’ve only ever used a source image on my computer / iPad / book / album cover etc. for reference & tbh that does me fine - old dogs, new tricks & all that. If it helps people to produce their designs then it’s no skin off my nose. My only slight concern is that it might be the thin edge of the wedge & before long there will be people lobbying for the restriction on the use of the imported jpegs or pngs to be lifted.

An overhead projector transparency held on the screen. For Glass2k use see PJTierney’s “Creating Accurate Logos” sticky thread at the top of this forum. I take your concern about it being a thin end of the wedge although it doesn’t have to be.

I use Glass2k myself for the occasional logo.

What is does is allows you to adjust your window transparency on your laptop/computer

So top being number 1 and behind is 2

  1. The Xbox App
  2. The image you want to trace

I usually would put my images into photoshop or illustraitor and with the transparency I would set it to it to the lowest option and stream my game to the laptop.

Here you can see the image behind as well as the shapes from the xbox etc… making for accurate logos. A lot of people have started to do it though since the Xbox app has become more popular.