Porsches.... Porsches Everywhere!

After years off of the forum, changing my gamertag (formerly lSl lAl lMl) and loosing my VIP status I thought I’d start making a name for myself again. I’m a bit rusty on the whole livery and Forzatography side of things these days but I’ll slowly get back on track… Pun intended!

I wanna see all your lovely new Porsches in this thread, maybe some tips on places to shoot next :slight_smile: Also what is the forum size limit for pics in the post?

I’ll start with one I managed to get earlier


That’s a beautiful shot!

Kinda like this simple image from the weekend…

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Here are some 911 shots I took yesterday (minus the 930 Turbo, gotta wait for that one). It’s a shame there’s no 996 being as it’s my favourite generation :frowning: at least there’s a 993 back in the game

As for tips on places to shoot, I really love anywhere around Byron Bay and all along the coast road leading to it

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Sergi I love how majestic that shot is!

Crazydan I’ve always had a soft spot for b+w photography and your last shot really gives off a vintage vibe!

I managed to grab myself another Porsche today by completing the #Forzathon event. I thought it was going to take be all day but within 60 seconds of turning on the console I flew over a drivatar on Blizzard Mountain. Not only did I win the car but when I took a photo I got the Forzatographer achievement!

What a beauty

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Raised Ride Height:

Lowered Ride Height:

Rear Engine Stoppie!


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Wow, the pics you have posted are really nice!! Here are my first pics of this 918 with Brumos livery!


These are a couple I snapped today while I was playing around with some settings.


Love that last shot of the 918 on the runway.