Porsche Pack for Forza 5

Any news or word on getting Porsche car pack for FORZA 5 ?

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Not gonna happen. Sorry.

The most recent news is that we won’t be seeing Porsche in Forza 5.

Coincidentally, it’s the same news we heard before the game was released and it has not changed since then.


Will there ever be Porsche in a forza game…I mean FH2 & FM5

Porsche was in FM4.

Porsche was in FM4.

So were most of the cars in FM5, also Porsche was in FM1, FM2, FM3, FM4 expansion…

Nobody knows if Porsche will be in the game and a good chance it won’t be unless it’s an expansion like FM4.

Turn 10 stated before Forza Motorsport 5 was launched that because of contractual conflicts (or something like that), Porsche would not be in FM5. That was said maybe last September or so. A certain company holds the rights to the Porsche cars, and is not agreeing to allow Turn 10 to use them.

This being the reason i choose to boycott ea games, the rights for digital content should be held by the original manufacturers (in this case porsche) otherwise it ends up holding the advancement of the the gaming world to ransom!


To be fair, it is a two-way street; Porsche is just as much at fault, here. Then again, I’m guessing most of us don’t ever have to worry about boycotting Porsche.


EA and Porsche got into bed around 2000, maybe earlier. Point is, its been so long I’ve forgotten…this is all Porsche’s fault…There is no reason to be exclusive for this long…and to EA of all companies…ugh… Don’t get me wrong…I love…love the 911 body type… Want it so bad…but be mad at EA for this one.


Id be cool with more RUF’s or whatever needs to be done to do an end run around the Porsche/EA stupidity

This is nothing exclusive to Porsche or EA … happens all the time. Different manufacturers sign different licensing contracts with different companies for differing reasons as a normal part of everyday business. For nearly a decade, Ferrari chose not to license its vehicles to EA and there were no Ferraris in the Need For Speed games. It does suck for us … but it happens.

It was not Ferrari that chose not to license their cars to NFS rather at least one of the platform sub-licensee not allowing it (much like EA with Porsche).
NFS Shift had a Ferrari pack that was only on the Xbox.

In the perfect world you want in racing games companies like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche & etc.

Microsoft has the Ferrari licence, which is why it was on Xbox only :wink:

Please make another DLC pack like FM4.

Put your requests here. If anywhere, this is the place the powers that be would see it. But, don’t hold your breath.

We have Ruf cars in the game. My suggestion… Add “more Ruf cars” to the Wishlist thread. Whether or not we get them is another story. But that is our best bet for getting more Porsches in the game. Let’s not ignore that a Ruf is a Porsche.

Would be nice to have, but as Snowowl has said, and i know which company it is, they won’t licence Porsche out to T10 and with FH2 coming out in about 3 months, its not likely to happen but maybe in the next motorsport they could make an appearance…hard to say, but could be potential dlc for FH2; just hope that if thats the case the car list will be updated with both new and classic Porsches.