Porsche dlc - rewards tier points!

Hey everyone

Can someone confirm whether the 10 achievements in the Porsche dlc contribute to increasing your rewards tier points?

I’m currently trying to maximize my points.

Also the points for buying dlc in the rewards tier, do you need to buy 5 car packs or just 5 cars? As I would buy the VIP pack to get this and save money on the Porsche dlc with the discount.

Cheers for any advice and thanks for reading

The achievement points count - you just need 1000 for the game - DLC or not doesn’t matter.

Not sure on the car vs packs question but I know in FM3 the avatar and other bits (the only bits still on the marketplace as the other car packs etc are gone) count. Form that one I would treat it as normal - if you only want one car from the pack, just buy it, if you want more than 2 then buy the whole pack. Personally wouldn’t bother spending real money just for the Tier points though - buy the stuff you actually want.

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Cheers for the reply very helpful