Porsche and FM6 [see post #1 and #340]

Updated March 1, 2016:

Porsche Expansion thread with announcement

Updated June 9: with the FH2 Porsche Expansion announcement:

If you have solid information on Porsche and Forza please post it. Please refrain from speculating on specific licensing clauses if you don’t have first-hand knowledge of them or a source to back it up. Wishlisting in this thread will be moved to the Car Wishlist thread.


Pretty sure EA owns the rights to Porsche being in Video Games, therefore it won’t appear in any others but looking at the links you posted I could be wrong. There are also a few threads about this too (I.e. FM6 and Porsche). I assume Porsche WON’T be in it but RUF probably will be.

Can anyone confirm if EA still holds the rights to Porsche?

Owning the rights does not mean outright exclusivity. ManteoMax posts this thread for a very good reason because, as of today, some indication of Porsche’s appearance in Forza Horizon 2 has come about.

I look forward to seeing what details emerge in the lead up to or at E3 in two weeks!


Only EA or Porsche know and they won’t post here

Anything said on that question here will be speculation which Max requested not to be posted.

Thare are no RUF cars in forza 6.

Exactly. We’re unlikely to know more until E3. I hope it’s true I really do, but again talking about EA and their licenses unless you work for them is purely speculation and not helpful.

They may have finally met agreeable terms to work together - see now someone may take that and turn it into their own twisted fact rather than having a guess.

Porsches would be a dream in any new sim car game!

Could be a possible. They’ve done it before back in Forza 4 but even if this is true and even if it comes into horizon 2, it does not mean that it will be a certainty for Forza 6 because it wasn’t for Horizon or Forza 5 after they were implemented in forza 4 in a car pack.

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Since EA has another NFS coming out, and FH2 is an arcade racer, but F6 is not; I really hope they hold the agreement together for Forza 6. It’s also possible MS/Turn10 found an ear at Porsche directly. Porsche has to recognize that EA isn’t doing the best for their image and they are missing out on a ton of advertising that they would actually be getting paid for instead of vice versa.

I have hopes and doubts about Porsche being in FM6. But then again, we’ll have to just wait.

Well EA had the license for a long time but not in a 100% exclusive way. They had the license when Forza 4 came out and Turn10 sub-licensed from EA. And that might very well be the case this time around as well.

FM6 is a completely different story. Maybe EA has a word in when the Porsche cars can materialize in other games. If FH2 gets it then it will be more than half a year after the release of the game. Since there is a new Need for Speed game slated for release this fall I am sure EA will not allow Porsche to be in FM6. I’m sure they want the brand for themselves this fall.

If EA decided to keep Porsche for themself, it will hurt all parties involved tbh.
First of all, the new NFS is to be a succesor to the underground series if believe. It’s in a league of its own. No competition to Forza, GT, pCars etc

It will throw off a lot of the racing community to buy the next EA race game, just because they are so selfish!
It’ll hurt sales for upcoming games too, as a huge percentage really love Porsche and want them in a race game.

Porsche is getting advertisement anyways, the sheer talk on the internet about license deals and stuff seems to put porsche well in the spotlight!

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Dan will probably be talking about Forza 6, then say that finally Porsche will come back to Forza, and they’re currently available in Forza Horizon 2. Like Nurburgring was for FM5

I feel sorry for T10… Imagine how much of an awesome surprise this would have been at E3, after craving over FM6.

I wonder what happened to the person who made the mistake and leaked it on the video? I can only imagine Immediate death, really. :confused:

Or perhaps it was intentionally released to let the news of Porsche’s return fade a little so the Ford GT and FM6 are not drowned by a Forza Horizon 2 announcement. There are so many articles and posts buzzing about it across the web even if it is just an unconfirmed assumption.

**UPDATE:**confirmed on June 8 by @Forzamotorsport retweet, an official press release confirms Porsche coming to FH2 on June 9 and:

See the FH2 thread for the Porsche car list it will get.

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