Porsche 997 GT3 RS 4.0 - rim issue

In FH2 it was possible to paint the original rims on the RS 4.0 in every colour like it is normal for all cars. But in FM6 it was not possible to paint them, we had just the choice to choose the white or black rims from the normal RS 4.0 colours and in FH3 we have now the same issue.

I hope they could patch this issue in FH3, because in FM6 it still exists! :frowning:

Yeah I don’t know about the past games, but I know we can’t paint em this time.

Are aftermarket rims paintable on it? (haven’t tried yet)

Yes, custom rims are paintable.

So then we know they just basically ported this car straight over from FM6…


Im not defending them but thats what they do to save time.

Even if it were not a quick move, it would still be ported directly from FM6 if Porsche was the second expansion. Don’t expect a lot of effort put into things like these, especially seeing as the same issue was never fixed in FM6.

To be fair to T10 … five of the seven Porsches in this pack are completely brand new and have never been in any Forza games before.

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Five? I count three.

  • 991 GT3 RS
  • Cayman GT4
  • Panamera

550 and 718 from FM6 at the latest, '73 Carrera and 993 GT2 from FM4.

On the topic of the rims, that’s kind of sad. Out of curiosity, is it a similar case to the '73 Carrera where the rims change color with the car’s base color, or are they just strictly black or white? I believe in FM6, it was the latter.

If you’re counting the two cars from FM4 … those assets are not compatible with current gen Forza games. They have been built from scratch for inclusion in FH3.

Edit: I shouldn’t have said they’ve never been in a Forza game before. I didn’t look back any further than FM5. I should have just said that there were 5 cars newly created for this pack and FH3.

I’m pretty sure the point was that they aren’t new to the series. And also: “not compatible”? What? From my understanding, games that use 3D engines, especially those that use DirectX, can use a variety of 3D formats and nearly if not every texture format (DDS to PNG, it doesn’t matter). “Not compatible” implies that the version of DirectX that the Xbox One focuses on as a basis doesn’t support whatever old 3D formats the Xbox 360 used. Why does 360 backwards compatibility exist, then? If the Xbox One didn’t support the usable 360 formats, 360 back compat wouldn’t be a thing even if it were run entirely on a VM.

If it takes devs six months to make one car and they just ported cars from older games, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re too lazy to convert between 3D formats. -_-

I don’t know all the technical explanations of exactly what parts of the older-gen assets didn’t work/couldn’t be used/needed to be updated. All I know is that T10 stated before the launch of FM5 that all cars had to be re-scanned and re-built from the ground up to work on the current-gen consoles and nothing from previous-gen could be used.

XB1’s backwards-compatibility is accomplished by the XB1 running an XBox 360 emulator (VM) … nothing from a 360 game is being run on the XB1’s native architecture. So I guess without going much farther than I want to into a discussion on virtual machines … technically you’re right that 360 formats will work on an XB1 (albeit only in the virtual 360 emulator environment). They won’t work in the XB1’s native environment (which is what we’re discussing here).

If the true cause of Porsche just being a pack was community outlash about the expansion being just Porsche again, I can picture why they would have crammed a bunch of work into such an insanely short amount of time with a few mistakes here and there. I don’t recall when the EA deal got cut, but I was told last year that it takes one team around six months to make just one car ready to import to the game. So if I was told the truth, 3D devs had to have been working on these models for several months before the deal expired because the deal got cut recently, much less than six months ago. So there’s some fishy things between those two scenarios.

For me all the other rims ar also glitched out so i cant have any other colors the white and black and it sucks

How about that camber setting? Don’t remember it being 3.0 degrees in the previous versions.

Edit: The following is in response to BomberVette’s post above:

I don’t believe for a second that this Porsche pack was some kind of last-minute reaction to community feedback and that their original plan was to have a Porsche expansion as the second expansion in FH3. MS, T10, PG, EA and Porsche have all known for years when the licensing agreement between EA and Porsche was up. MS/T10/PG have had ongoing conversations and negotiations with EA/Porsche over licensing issues over the entire history of the Forza games. The newly announced 6-year licensing agreement between T10/PG and Porsche has also undoubtedly been in the works for a long time. I’m sure that they had this pack planned for release at this time … knowing that it would coincide with the announcement of the Porsche licensing deal.

Not trying to be argumentative … but I’m not following the ‘two scenarios’ where you think something fishy is going on. Care to explain?

Yes it sucks the rims cant be painted on some cars. There may be an issue with porsche themselves saying they cant be painted to keep the originality of the car? Licencing?maybe… I think the dodge viper is the same?

Also the porting over of cars from older games can be seen as lazy BUT its also possible they were ported over due to popular demand / requests for thoe cars… If they changed them then people would complain why did you change it etc…

The new rims that have come over from previous titles are obviously out dated in quality and not worth including but again they may have been requested so changing them would have again received complaints.

I doubt there is a conspiracy going on, just a company making a game and following rules and a budget, trying to make customers happy within those boundaries.

I found a work around if you go into FH2 and change the wheel colour and then import that design into FH3 It will change the color in FH3. For some reason it deletes the decals which is annoying.