Porsche 959 EVO?

Well subject might be a bit …I dunno …whatever :S
Anyways, I won it but bought a 2nd 959 for 400K with what turned out to be a properly amazing tune.
Torque is more than 1800 !!! (glitch?) What? Engine is the 918 V8 hybrid with a twist. This one will do more than 440kph and the way it just pulls away! All that electric power aiding it…WOW

Point is: I’m glad there finally is an alternative to that (boring) 6.5L Lamborghini V12. Also I think this new boy might be able to steal the crown. It’s pure madness this engine :slight_smile:


Just tried the 959 with the hybrid v8 and boy does the thing pull. It’s mental

Yup that engine Is a beast. I wouldn’t use the intercooler though, it causes understeer… even when the engine is in the back??? Yes I know it’s weird but this is a video game, stuff like this happens.
Anyway it may not have over 1800 anymore but it still has the most torque than any other engine by far, and you will be able to turn better. If you want to check it out yourself, I share all my tunes. Just search my name in the load upgrades menu.