Porsche 917/30

Will the Porsche 917/30 every be reclassified into a group that includes Can-Am cars from McLaren, Lola, Chaparral, and other cars that it actually raced against? Love the car but very frustrated by passing Ford vans and non existent Hot Wheels cars. And while you are at it bring out the #101 UOP Shadow Can Am car and I can be a happy man. I watched all these cars when they were the best in the world.


I agree with you it should be in prototype group racing but T10 is stubborn when it comes to small things like this. We do need a couple more can am cars too, yes.

The reason is simple:

  1. T10 limited the divisions by tire width. The 917/30 has a 445mm rear tire, that’s way beyond the limit for PGR division.
  2. Its stock body generates huge downforce well above most of those cars.

Then there’s the fact you could restrict it but lose what made this car so special (the absurd power ratings). Even with 1000 bhp I’ve found this car not too difficult to drive, contrary to popular opinion. In Assetto Corsa it’s said to be difficult, but Assetto Corsa is one of many sims that go by the “harder is more realistic” philosophy, so I can’t judge it there either. The hardest car I’ve ever driven in a sim was the Lotus 98T in Project CARS but that’s mainly because of the huge turbo lag requiring different driving techniques as well as the sheer speed requiring quicker reflexes. Group 5 cars like the Zakspeed Capri were child’s play in comparison.

On the other hand, they cut off what they could from the 935/78 to fit it in GT Racing Reborn, so I think the 917/30 could definitely work in PGR division. If you limit its power to 0.55 or 0.60 using the handicaps, it’s competitive with the other cars while staying at the division’s power ceiling.


You can’t put something that destroyed Can-Am into Can-Am. There’s should be more divisions but more importantly, more classes.

Imo the classes should look like this.

That way more cars would be competitive in other categories. Sadly Turn 10 don’t do this so a lot of cars just go to waste like said Porsche. I also feel likr there needs to be a lot more divisions but again, this is Turn 10’s philosophy.

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Obviously the 917/30 killed the Can Am due to it’s high power and outrageous development and maintenance costs which others could not afford in order to keep competitive. The engine was very tunable as it usually ran between 1100 to 1200 hp which was well bellow what it could have put out. I would have no problem with turn 10 detuning the Forza version so that it doesn’t destroy prototype like the real one destroyed the Can Cm series. Detuning is a way better solution than racing against a Ford van.

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Also I do think people are forgetting that you can use the free play restrictions to race the car against anything you want. Or rave against a whole field of 917/30’s.

It’s probably my favorite car in the game, I agree with Evan and I believe that P class should be split into P1 and P2, P1 hosting LMP1 and Group C cars, and P2 hosting GT1 cars (If they had any), as well as Daytona prototypes and high level Can Am cars. It would be a fun battle of the other car’s cornering abilities against the immense brutal dragster like acceleration of the 917/30

This is what I do, one bucket 1966-1972 R class cars with weights between 1500-2100lbs usually between 10-12 cars and the gives me the other can am cars. Another bucket with the Porsche 917/30 with no upgrades but it’s power handicap put down to 0.65 which has it’s power around 680ish hp. Boom done. The other buckets would be the 70s group 5 cars. That’s some fun racing on the right track.

I love using the buckets to have LMP1, LMP2, GTLM / GTE / GT3 races. Those are amazing fun.

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