porsche 911 gt3 2016

So, i know you can rent this car but its in s class at 750 pi, yet if you look on some tracks this car with a 788 pi is setting records i cant beat with a 800 pi car so far only 1 person has beaten it with a 09 vette, my real question is how the hell did they get the car/ upgrade it???

This is the first time I´m seing this.

The whole PR-work of Turn 10 needs help and work really badly.

The lack of information is just horrible and yes be quiet about it that
there is no Forzathon for weeks now and 5 weeks of returning cars
in special dealer.

You must be really out of your minds in T10 studios treating your
fans like this!


fasterst s class car limited to people who are already faster then 99.9% lmao gj forza.



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These locked cars drive me insane. Worse yet is all these secret events to unlock them that aren’t easily found.

Why can’t ALL cars be unlocked and we just buy what we want like in the past few games? The Forza Edition cars should be the only ones locked away.


This 100%! This is the worst idea they’ve had IMO, they advertised 700 cars at launch but a vast number of these cars were locked and unobtainable so how can they use that to sell the game?


YES!!! 100%!!! Well said

Hoping FM8 isn’t like this!


There has to be another way to acquire this car besides an event that already happened? Why advertise 700 cars you can buy and customize when it’s not true. One of the cars I was most excited about was this car :frowning:


Wow is this for real? They literally included it in the 700 cars list as if everyone would be able to get it, and then limit it to 300 people via a very obscure tournament that they didn’t mention at all on here. I was ok with crate locks and specialty dealer, but not this bs. Who knows how many cars will be rationed off like this.


Hopefully it will come up in a forzathon or in the specialty dealer
As far as has already been posted elsewhere there are no cars locked in the crates that arent available in other ways

And we are still waiting despite some cars being offered again and again and again time to release all the Porsches so we can do the Achevement wiith out using a rental I want to Drive the car that I own and tune not some crappy rental that drives like a drunk Skunk


Wait you can’t get it from anywhere else?

It’s really frustrating. This is the one car I wanted to tune/drive over anything else in the game :frowning:

Just a waiting game I guess…

Did I not pay full retail price for this game?Now I have to wait or get lucky with a loot crate which is a 1 in a billion chance of owning this car.


From my understanding you just had enter the contest. Anyone could have entered.

We’ll most of us had no idea about the contest. Like the Halloween Bash there was nothing in game that let you know it’s going on. Second only 300 people were able to sign up. They need to send out in game messages about this stuff or have a FM7 newsletter or something you can sign up for.

I just don’t understand what was wrong with having every car available to be purchased like in FM5 or FM6? I’m fine if they want to give them away in secret events or Forzathon or whatever as a gift instead of shelling out credits. But the way this system works it’s locking out many players from a lot of these cars. The Forza Edition Cars should be the only ones locked. That way if you want them and the extra perks they come with you can play all the events to unlock them.

If there is a car I want that’s locked I have to wait for the specialty dealer to get it, the car being offered as a Forzathon prize or a gift for a community event I may not know about. Instead of being able to just buy cars I like (ex Ferrari 458 Italia, 2016 Camaro SS, BMW Z8 etc.) I’m stuck either waiting forever to be able to buy them or doing a whole bunch of Forzathon events I’m not interested in to get them.

And yes it’s well and fine they are rentals but you are limited to a stock or homologated cars, stock tunes, you don’t get credits or XP and can’t choose the vehicle paint scheme.

I’m getting tired of jumping through hoops just to unlock stuff in this game. It’s already made me less interested in playing this dumb game. Almost through the career (first time I’ve ever done any of the ridiculous career) and now I’ll be stuck doing Forzathons for the foreseeable future just to unlock cars.

What happened to the freedom in Forza Motorsport games to play how I want to? I don’t like how Turn 10 dictates how I have to play. If FM8 has locked cars it will be the last game from them I buy. I completely detest the idea of these locked cars and tiered collecting. Forza Motorsport used to be all about freedom but tiered car collecting, homologation and locked cars has all ended this.


This exactly. Everyday a new horrible decision T10 has made with FM7 comes to light. At this point it just makes me laugh.


Hi there, I’m a driver for the TORA Porsche Carrera Cup in which this car is used.

The reason T10 haven’t announced the car being available is because the tournament has nothing to do with T10 other than gifting us the car for entering the competition.

A little background to what TORA is and does:

TORA, or The Online Racing Association, is a 10 years old community driven, independent group of people who arranges different events across multiple racing games such as; Forza, Project Cars & IRacing. TORA was at this point hosting the Carrera Cup which also is a real life cup and used the “2016 Porsche 911 GT3” as it’s platform of choice. Meaning that for the tournament to function properly they had to contact T10 for permission to use the car before the intended “release” (Forzathon, Speciality dealer etc.), T10 then gave TORA permission to gift up to 300 contestants the car to be able to take part in the tournament.

Since TORA and T10 has nothing in common with how the game runs we (as players) have had some issues doing the races. Some of us (myself included) did not recieve the car until after the first race had ended, thus starting us with a disadvantage continuing the tournament.

The 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 is only intended to be used in races with TORA and it’s arranged tournaments, even though that won’t stop others from entering just to get the car before anyone else.

So getting mad at T10 for not telling us about it is just plain wrong since TORA only announced the tournament on their site and Twitter (as far as I know) (seriously, look them up), or rather, go look at the real Carrera Cup and get a sense of what we (as drivers) are doing thanks to a little help from T10, without them, and the admins of TORA, the car and cup would’ve never happend.

Also, I only knew about this because a friend of mine have been racing with TORA for a while and I was interested in professional racing.


That’s all we’ll and fine but why does Turn 10 think you TORA racers are more deserving of a 911 GT3 RS rather than other Forza players? Why couldn’t you guys have just used the new GT2 RS instead which is not a locked car? I think this makes me more upset with Turn 10. Now locked cars carry special priveleages for the elite. You know for sure half the people that entered did so just to get a GT3 RS having no intent to race in TORA.

All cars should be available to be purchased for anyone playing the game. I shouldn’t have to create a special event or wait for the car to become available in the Specialty Dealer or a Forzathon event. This is the worst change from past Forza games and it nearly kept me from buying the game. It will keep me from buying FM8 if this teired collecting and locked car system continues.