porche high-speed chase showcase [xbox one x}

I cannot beat this showcase with the drivatar setting on easy. any suggestions would be appreciated. i cannot beat the last 2 slower cars. i am a disabled vet and i cannot move my hands like before. i have completed all of the other tier showcases.

tia for any help and suggestions.


Just start turning on ALL the Assists until you get it. There was one of the Showcases, Toyota at Suzuka maybe, that I could not beat no matter even putting them on Easy, my normal AI setting is Expert. I tried changing the setting all the way at the bottom that makes the grass the same grip level as tarmac (can’t remember what it is called as I never used it before or since) even though I never was going off the track at all. Might have been just lucky but I beat it the very next race after switching that assist on.

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