Pops and Crackles

Is anybody else getting more and more of these Audio glitches. It seems lately there is no
getting away from it in any race or any car…Sorry if this is a duplicate or does not belong here, but
I was just wondering if there is a fix for this issue. I constantly am getting pops and crackles, Burps of
other cars or shift points out of sync.

Have you cleared your console’s cache? Hold the Xbox One’s power button until the console shuts off completely. I just wrapped up a 2 hour Forza session with no such experiences.

Yes I was just describing some of these issues in a post I made about career mode. I have been having problems at the Top Gear track during the London challenge where it seems the extra audio needing to be played as cars run over trash cans can cause shift points to be missed or an engines rpm to just stay at the same rotation audio wise even though the car is accelerating and shifts.