Pop-Up Headlights

Has anyone else noticed (I’m sure you have) that the pop up headlights are up the vast majority of the time? I mean that’s the best part about them, is that they go away and you have that super sleek look.

I can switch between a bunch of cars, none of them with their lights on, then jump in an F40 and bam, they’re up and they might go away for a total of 5 minutes, maybe, if they feel like it. No reason they should be up midday, sunny, no rain.

Of course this could be solved by giving us control of our lights, but I know that belongs in the “crazy talk” bin with its pals “convertible top control” and “window control”. :wink:


a button for headlights has been asked for for forever since fm7 came out (lights don’t even turn on in tunnels) I don’t know but seems simple enough to designate a button to lights

i think the engine cant handle those 3 or just cant handle it effectively, lets hope the new engine for series X solves this, i doubt fh4 will have any of this kind of stuff due to the engine being severely outdated (180 degree only steering wheel turning shows how aged it is)