Poor performance despite decent system

Good evening all.
A few days ago I started experiencing terrible stuttering as well as extremely low framerates and so far everthing I have tried has failed.
I’ve tried re-installing the game, uninstalling all gpu drivers with DDU and installing the latest drivers, taking my ram back to default speeds as well as running the game at lower resolutions and so far nothing has fixed the problem. Previously I could consistantly get over 130fps at 1440p but now it hovers anywhere from 30-40fps.
Any advice would be much appreciated.

Specs I7-9700k, RTX 2080super, 32Gb ram @3200Mhz, game is installed on an ssd

Have you checked if the problem occurs in other games?

Low framerate sounds like a pure GPU issue, maybe it’s overheating or something.

Or maybe the game is running on your CPU’s intergrated Intel UHD 630 graphics card. Check nvidia’s control pannel for that. There you can force your games to use your nvidia GPU.

Run the game’s benchmark, it will tell you what GPU it is using, also how much your CPU and GPU are being utilised.

You can also
while ingame press xbox button on controller or ‘win’+g it opens the xbox gamebar (if turned on)
select performance and resources in menu to show these widgets

So I ran the in game benchmark and the gane is using my gpu at 100% although that wasn’t an issue before as this kind of issue happens once a month or so randomly. Averaage fps for the benchmark was 58fps. I updated my gpu driver to the latest one that came out today,

I had this a few days ago. I’d just done a graphics card driver update and I think the game had a glitch next time it started up because I found that it had applied a maximum frame rate of 25. Wortyh checking.