Poor Optimization

Its a bit sad seeing that a game is so poorly optimized that even an overclocked GTX1060 can’t even break 60 fps on ultra settings. In comparison, Forza 6 Apex runs perfectly with no problems what so ever. And with the exact same graphical setting I can achieve 100+fps no problem. And that’s with 16 drivatars and in the rain.

Why would you, Turn10, publish a game that’s half baked and not even try to issue updates to fix your poorly optimized game? Clearly from my example you can make a proper game, its just a matter of waiting for a response. You guys make amazing games but a game so poorly optimized for PC and yet you have practically done nothing to help fix your mess.

Frankly it’s unacceptable. Laughable at best. If you price your games at $60 at least make it run on every system it works with. I’m starting to feel like I made a bad purchase…


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that Apex comes from the FM branch of Forza development, which makes graphical compromises to run at 60 fps on the Xbox. That it can reach 100 fps on this capable 1080p card should be no surprise. FH3, on the other hand, springs from the Horizon branch, which is open-world, and has always run at 30 fps on the consoles. FH3 is by far the best-looking open-world racer, so it should be no surprise it takes extra oomph to run it well, particularly at Ultra settings. You didn’t mention resolution. Frankly, I don’t know what the res options are for this game on PC.

I recently got a PC with an i5 Skylake and a 1060 GTX, so I’m quite curious about the FH3 PC performance. With the Play Anywhere thing, I may download it sometime to check it out.

For one, the 1060 is a new generation but not top of the line card. Also, many high end graphic games running 4K+ and ultra will tax any card no matter what it is. If you’re in the 50s, you 're right where you should be. Check out this page for the 1060. There are some games that will run sub 30fps even on that card if the resolution and graphic settings are high enough. Nothing to do with poor optimization.


Thing is, this is the only game that gets down to 30 fps. As I have pointed out F6 can run extremely well. I might also add even on low graphical settings I can’t even get above 60 fps. I have the hardware to play nearly every game I have at either high or ultra settings. I have seen other people’s experience with Horizon 3 on with a 1060. A solid 60 is very much possible with an average minimum of 55. NOT 30-40. Yes it is very much optimization. The 1060 isn’t top of the line, but it has equivalent performance of a 980 and last I checked that wasn’t a bad card…

I understand what you’re trying to say, but it doesn’t apply to me. Even with a moderate overclock performance barely changed with Horizon 3, where as every other game in my library skyrocketed. This is all at 1080p btw. No 4k what so ever so your argument doesn’t apply to me even further

There you go. That’s what I was most curious about. It’s why I said that the 1060 is a capable 1080p card. It should shine at this resolution, or below. For 4K, need to get into at least the 1070, and ideally the full-blown 1080.

I agree that if the game performs poorly at 1080p on the same system where other modern games reach 100 fps or more, it needs better optimization.

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I have a 980 Ti and I’m using a 1440p G-Sync with ulocked framerate, everything set to ultra, except 2x MSAA and mirror quality set to low and I get mostly 70-120FPS except at that little tram station around the bend in sufers paradise I drop down to 56-57 sometimes. I was going 267MPH down Surfers Paradise during Goliath and I was getting around 75-80 FPS. There are times where the game will run like poop and I will have to restart my computer to fix it. Doesn’t happen too much though. CTD’s are rare also. I got lucky I guess.

Very lucky. I can’t even get 60 with ultra settings. High or medium works better but a card like this can handle ultra.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe the game is more CPU dependent than GPU, or it could be throttled or capped to 60fps or blow.


Nope. GTA V is very CPU dependent as well, yet I can get 70-80 fps easily with ultra settings. This game is just broken. Keep in mind its all at 1080p

It appears that I have found the issue with the PC for Horizon 3


That post is rather old, and there has been a reportedly troublesome patch recently to make matters worse. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that the code expects plentiful video memory. Let’s face it: FH3 was developed as a console game, is based on the efforts from FH2 and maybe before, and the PC port was a tacked-on burden on the team. If the port can’t find the graphics memory it needs on the card, it will have to avail itself of shared-memory functionality, which is of course going to impact performance. This was my biggest hesitation in getting the 6GB 1060 as opposed to one of the 8GB higher-end cards–ports of games from consoles with 8 GB of unified RAM. (But my budget was strict, and I simply could not have done better overall within it.)

Have you checked other conversations about FH3 performance, including those in the PC-support board here? People are doing unusual things like disabling Core 0 to stabilize performance. (I’m not even going to try something like that for a game.)

So after running with core 0 disabled, there is a bit of improvement. Around 5 fps more but I still get an average below 60 fps. Right around 50 ish and that’s with V sync turned off. There are still lots of areas that take a dip in fps. Especially Surfers Paradise. Specifically in the middle of the city where the train spawns and moves. I get even below 30 fps at that point. I have tried it with and without overclocking my 1060 and almost no difference sadly. Just going to have to wait till this is fixed I guess

I have disabled core 0 and set priory to low but I haven’t tried with a new gpu driver yet. Ill test a little and report back what I find

The game is choppy at 1080p, I sorted it out by playing 20% under the screen’s native resolution. For some reason it really smooth the “impression” of smoothness, by a lot even if the fps were both above 60fps !

Well, let’s hope the new “Windows Game mode” which will arrive April will bring some improvements.

I know that this thread is old and I know that I have a different scenario with my old 280X, but I would also agree that this game is just poorly optimized on the gpu side.
My 280X should at least be able to run this game at 60fps at medium settings, but it can’t.
The one thing I noticed is that the gpu utilization on FH3 is mostly at 99% when I drop below 60fps, but my card runs cooler than lets say The Crew at Ultra at 80% utilization (that game runs perfectly with my gpu) or even CS:GO at 70% utilization.
This is noticable for me since one fan died on the gpu, so I can hear when the gpu is used or not. 10 degrees temperature difference say a lot about the usage of a gpu if you ask me.
I have upgraded to a Ryzen 1600 so thats why cpu shouldn’t be the issue, but FH3 doesn’t seem to be designed to use all of the power available in the gpu, maybe to make the consoles look more competitive.
The newer gpus should be affected less by this though since lower temps = higher gpu boost and my 280X does just not have that, so thats why this is bugging me so much