Pole Position with upgrades - Freeplay only

Hello everyone,

I recently read a lot from people, who aren’t pleased with the starting grid, so I decided to post this here.
Most of you may know it already, but anyways…

You are able to start from first place, when you tweak your auto-homologated car to the top of the class, as it always was.

Simply play around with the tires, rims, spoilers, whatever works to get there.

I’ll release some tunes in the future, which got me there, calling them poleposition. It sometimes is a bit tricky, bit in the end it worked almost always. And if you don’t mess up the start, you will drive in front of those 1-2 Drivatars pulling away, normally.

I always loved to tweak my cars to the top point of the index. Some cars, I really like, I will upgrade from stock to top - it is then likely loading this tune will cost a bit for more/other parts, I install.

I hope this helps a bit.

Thank you all for other tips posted, that helped me.

Have fun with the game

Cheers man I will definitely give this a go

Cheers !

Yeah I wondered about this and have been getting round it another way, by loading a tuning setup from the off and working my way through the pack.

Not always easy I know LOL

I took the advice on difficulty level from another poster and have just increased from Pro to Unbeatable, and seem to be winning easier on the hardest level, due to idiotic AI :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up tho’ may give this a try cheers.

Wait, so the higher the PI, the better your grid position? I never knew. I always thought 12th was the default starting position for human players.

This isnt working for me. I am top of PI and still starting 12th being cars with lower PI.

You twerk your cars? :wink:

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Yes, they’re so hot! :wink:
I call the tunes just “pole” now. Too lazy to type poleposition every time. It sometimes is much work to get a car over the first ai in the grid :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention:
Works only in free play! And only, when starting grid is sorted by PI. Sorry…

Thanks for getting my hopes up. :smiley: Career really would benefit from more fair grids. Since Forza Motorsport 1.

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Man, the M4 FE wasn’t easy. Got it in the first row, but not pole.

Isn’t it a bit boring starting in pole?

It’ s good to know. Even if it’s boring, it might come in handy, for example when doing a quick money run.

You really got my hopes up there!

Edited the title for not getting hopes up. No way to get on pole in career