Points after team adventure


Do you know depends on how many points someone gets after winnig ranked team adventure? Because for example my friend always takes x2 more than me, for example - me 10 points, so he 20.

Please help :slight_smile:

nvr mind

PS: There are 4 multiple threads on this issue.


interesting that you ask.
because others don’t give you points and always leave the race before you lose points, but want to collect points yourself ?!
this is my personal experience of the last few weeks, when I’ve raced against you several times in the RTA.
I have already listed you on the black list.

regardless of this, the TS system applies.
based on my personal experiences:
a new RTA player gets significantly more points (but also loses significantly more). with the wealth of experience (total number of online races) the points become less and less.
from league 1 the points become even less, about 1/3 compared to before. from grandmaster this is reduced again by approx. 1/2.
if you lose more often, this has a significant impact on the points with a new RTA player. therefore better lose less. the first 10 qualification races in particular are crucial for the basis.

I don`t know what do you mean?

Hard to be critical of anyone who quits Team Adventure currently given it’s allowed to happen by the abject failure to fix the points issue. I have a 26/9 win loss record at Team this month but am 40 points down from my starting position as I don’t quit but pretty much everyone else I race against of a high level does if they are going to lose. The impact is that I’m yet to have a counting win and have three counting losses. I won every race in those three losses - most by 10 seconds or more - just to rub it in. They either need to fix the problem or find a way to hit consistent quitters with large penalties - a 1,000 point penalty at the end of each month for anyone who’d quit 5 or more times would swiftly stop those who are gaming the current broken system to never incur lost points.

The ranked system can only do much with a poor matchmaking system. Rank needs to be evaluated per race and not based of the total points at the end of each race. it doesn’t take convoys into account and the balance with ease. Create a way to balance smurfs in the equation as well.

I asked only for reason of difference in points between me and my friend

Two main possible reasons I’d have thought, assuming you are in the same race. First, are you higher ranked? If so, you’ll usually receive lower + points for a win and more - points for a loss. Second, have you played more? I think the game takes into account how many results you have had to reach your current level, so someone with less results will see their rank change more swiftly.

Im in 6 league and my friends in 4

the 2nd answer is missing.
How many races do you have and how many races have your friend?

And from my point of view, as i think that loses will have more impact:
How many wins/loses have each of you?

Ive got 44 races and my friends got 13. I lose 20/win 24 and he loses 7/wins 6

based on this information this , this statement is given more weight.

you have more experience, so more racing online - factor 3.
and you have a larger number of losses.

taking into account the TrueSkill system, which may also include offline experience, this results in a formula.
we all do not know the exact formula. but based on your data, it all seems very conclusive to me.

From what i gathered here and there, it does not depend only on win/loose but also against who. Who means rank here. Depending on rank beaten, you will get a specific rank, not to say, beating rank less than yours is not giving any point. Your performance in offline is disregarded same way as clean/dirty racing, all that count is your position at the end of the race and the rank of others period.

Not sure if you are saying this does or doesn’t happen?

It does happen, or can. How it works exactly, I don’t know. But for example in my last FFA adventure I finished 3rd, only beating players of much lower rank, but I still went up +3.