PNJ problems

Hi everybody

I would like to know if you’ve got problem with PNJ like poping in front of you on the highway when you are full speed ? because I’ve this problem. That’s not problem of my connection I’ve got good fiber .

I don’t, but I don’t have fiber.

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Dunno what PNJ is, but I haven’t noticed any major problems when driving fast down the highway. There’s a minor flicker in the sky sometimes, presumably when it’s crossing into a new map section.

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Use your wipers

My wife has good fibre too


For those wondering what PNJ stands for, it’s “Personnage non-joueur”, the French equivalent to NPC (Non-player character) - or perhaps, for Horizon, Non-player vehicle :slight_smile:

When you join a Horizon Life session, the system has to sync the NPC traffic with everyone else in the online session. When this happens, the default solo traffic disappears, and the synced traffic appears. I see this all the time when finishing an event and rejoining the session.