Plz help

I don’t understand FH3 that will since I’m always playing FM6. So I’m new to forza horizon, so what’s best? AWD or RWD?

Depends on what your trying to do.

Everything I build and drive is AWD. I think it is an advantage but others may disagree. But in this game you need to tinker and test to see what YOU like better in a lot of areas. The possibilities on builds at pretty much endless.

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Which do you do best with? I like to switch it up, so I drive both. I like to set up different cars for speed, and some for traction, and some for off roading. Other folks like to have multiples of the same car, or multiple tuning setups, set up for those different aspects. It all depends on your personal ambitions for the game, and maybe to a larger extent the time you have to put into it.